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I started this programme in earnest in April and progressed through to week 8 with only a few repeated runs, so I was quite pleased with myself and looking forward to graduating. Then something happened! There I was running for 20 to 25 minutes relatively easily (well sweating buckets and being overtaken by speeding tortoises!) and then I couldn't even run for 5 minutes. It wasn't anything physical, just a mental block.

Anyway, not being one to give up I went back to week 4, completed all three runs and now doing week 5 again with runs 1 & 2 completed.

Did I go back too far in the programme or should I have persevered with the mental block?


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14 Replies

  • You probably should have persevered as it seems you had a real attack of the gremlins convincing you that you could not do it you just need to tell yourself that you can do this I will not give in but just going you can do this

  • This damn speeding tortoises overtaking us - they get me every time 😀 Maybe you should have kept going but I guess the only important thing now is that you are back running and I guess it doesn't matter what week you start at - it's what you are comfortable with. Well done on W5 - one more to do and then on to W6 - you can do this - we are all with you 😀

  • It took me 3 weeks to get through week 6 and I kept repeating shorter runs as couldn't manage longer. I just thought 25 mins was too long!. Then I just thought 'get on with it', went out and ran till I had done my 25 mins! I was so happy to move on to the next week. It was definitely a case of the gremlins for me, as I kept thinking " this is too far" "I can't possibly run for 25 mins", etc. I find when I get to the "I can"t run anymore" stage I let my mind wander, think of something else, until suddenly I look at my watch and I've nearky finished. I don't listen to Laura, as I had trouble with her stopping after 5 mins so I use my own music instead. I'm about to start week 9 now. You can do it! Think of something else, try different !music, anything. You've done 20-25 mins so you know it CAN be done. Good luck.

  • Different routes for different folk but the journey is the same. I had to repeat several stages, almost gave up altogether on some - but then came to the conclusion that there are 'Practice Days' and Success Days' but as long as I get out there and give it a go there are NO 'failure days' ;)

  • Well, just completed week 5 in the gym so I've proved to myself that I can do it. I did'nt stop when Laura cut in and started before she started her countdown so probably ran for about 21 minutes all told. Is it worth skipping week 6 and going straight on to 7 (or even 8!)?

  • Try W7R1 if you feel comfortable carry on if not do W6 and just carry on as normal

  • Thanks from a Kentish Man to the man of kent

  • You're welcome where do you live now

  • Born and bred on the Isle of Grain now living in Haverhill, Suffolk

  • We are practically neighbours as I am in Steeple Bumpstead

  • There is no 'should', no single right answer. If going back to where you did means you have more confidence this time as you go through, then it's right for you.

    It's now almost four years since I first did this programme, and I've no idea how many times I've started, or how many times I've completed it since. What I do know is that every time has been different, and it's only this time round that I've suddenly really truly realised that it actually doesn't matter at all whether I repeat weeks or how long it takes me to get through the plan. What matters is that I'm building up an enjoyable and sustainable habit.

    Happy running! :)

  • Thanks. I think I've come to that conclusion now. Roll on Sunday for the next run.

  • I have taken things really slowly Stewie, repeating weeks until I feel confident to move on. I figure that every time I am out side running, I am doing something amazing, regardless of how fast, far or which week I'm completing. My alternative is sitting on my back side wishing I was doing something! So, even if you did go back too far, you are still doing more than doing nothing! You haven't quit completely and that would have been way to do, so don't put pressure on yourself - enjoy, be proud and keep on going 😊

  • * easy to do, not way to do 🙄

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