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Consolidation ups and downs

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Hi all, done 3 consolidation runs so far and with mixed results. First one was fine... No dramas! Second, as they say, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Had a day drinking on the annual canal boat p**s up, for my Dad's birthday on the Friday. Ran for 26 minutes on the Saturday and had to stop as I felt like I was going to vomit 🤮!! Today I did 5k in 35mins, but had the mother of all stitches at 4k. Had to stop, deep breaths and then carry on. What I can say is, with all the ups and downs, I'm loving my runs 🙂

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26 minutes after a Leo and that was consolidation run 2? Amazing!!!!

Keep loving it... happy running.

Burl337Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thanks. Turns out 2 people on the booze cruise were sick, so the fact I managed a run makes me feel quite pleased with myself. Lol

My consolidation runs have been all over the place too :)


Lol, sounds like you've had some fun along the way 🤮😂. I'm just impressed you've still got out there for all three runs! And yes, consolidation is a mixed bunch, and it feels strange making your own decisions rather than following the rules. Regardless of whether I manage 5K, 30 minutes or the occasional 20/25 if I'm struggling for some reason, I just stick to 3 runs a week and am getting used to it. Once I'm more comfortable on 3 x 5K a week then it's time for me to increase distance I think. Enjoy it, where ever you decide to take it 👍🏃‍♂️🙂

Burl337Graduate in reply to Run46

Work, rest, play and run!! Lol. Doing my 3rd Parkrun this Saturday. Look forward to those, so they're a bonus... Even if I am one of the last across the line 🙂 so aim is to get somewhere in the middle of the pack and then increase my distance 👍

Run46Graduate in reply to Burl337

Enjoy your park run tomorrow...defo won't be doing bad if you manage 35 minutes...have fun 🏃‍♂️🎉


Hi Burl337...I have been running for a couple of years now and I have not managed 5k in 30 mins....the closest I've been is 32 mins..but do you know what...I absolutely enjoy my runs...well some of them, I have had a mixture of good and bad...mostly good that outweigh the bad but I dont put pressure on myself anymore, I know that parkrun is 5k and if I beat my PB then that's good but if I dont, so what??? I am out running and so are you....your amazing no.matter how.long or how far..the fact that you enjoy the time out there is far more important


True, I'm just happy that I can run 5k! Back in April it was a pipedream. I'd like to push on to 10k, but that's not an immediate plan to say the least.

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