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Running/shuffling - Emotional Ups & Downs

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Thought I'd just canvas oppinion to find out if I'm alone on this one!

I find when I've just completed a run, I feel elated (if not a liitle tired), especially after getting my composure back (which is taking less time with every run). The next day, during my 'run rest day' I feel on top of the world and absolutely gaging to get out for another run. For some reason rest day always seems sunny and bright! Then on the morning of my next run I'm apprehensive, also to the point of saying 'I'll just give it a miss today, I've just got X & Y to do as well'. But, thanks to my determination to follow the plan, and the knowledge that all of you lot are there on my shoulder egging me on I go for it. The first 5 minutes of the run are hell, but it gets better after that and then the cycle starts over . . .

Does anyone else feel the same way? Or will there come a point when the addiction of running kicks in and I leap out of bed ready to go?

I almost feel that after the structure of the three runs per week for 9 weeks I'll loose the impertus to get out there.

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At the beginning of a jog or shuffle always remember how good you feel after and how proud you feel for doing it.

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mo-mentumGraduate in reply to damadamski

Thanks damadamski - I'll try that today.

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There is definitely a mental challenge when you are due to go for a run. Easy to think, this will be hard, it will be tiring and I'll struggle. But the beauty of this programme is that it is designed to take you forward in small, achievable steps. Another great thing is that as the runs get longer you feel even better afterwards!

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mo-mentumGraduate in reply to mabbers

Yes I think you are right mabber - the highs get bigger but the apprehensive moments still remain manageable.


You could be describing me!!!!!! I run mostly after work and it would be so easy to find an excuse not to go. One of the things that keeps me going is knowing if I don't do this I can't ever get to the point where I can enjoy a nice long run on a lovely summer morning. If I continue it will happen. I used to run many years ago so know that it is achievable.

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mo-mentumGraduate in reply to Martuo

Stick at it Martuo - together we'll get there - being the first foot prints in the soft dew on a crisp morning before it gets too hot!

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Oh that all sounds so familiar ;-)

When I started I was so bad that I had to repeat W1 and yet almost two weeks ago I ran for a whole 30 minutes and graduated - how on earth did that happen?

I think that all though I know I can do it (albeit incredibly slowly) there is still this nagging little voice at the back of my head that tells me I am imagining it and that one of these days I will wake up and realise it is a dream and I'm still struggling to get to the end of the first 60 seconds!!!

As for the first few minutes of the run, yep, everything hurts and feels tight but then it starts to get better and I get into my stride and it is okay, but I do get a very achey thigh / hip for about 12 hours after a run and then I'm fine again.

Now that I have made it to the 30 minutes I have set myself a new goal of working towards the 5k which is giving me a reason to carry on :-)

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mo-mentumGraduate in reply to mcc65

Thanks for the re-assurance of telling me that it's not just me!

We sound pretty similar in our ability - I'm going to do W8R3 today and think I'm going too slow to get to 5k before the end of W9. But as Laura says 'it's not the speed, it's building the miles that matters'. So like you I have a goal of gettting to 5k (after next week), and then I will either extend the distance, or work on a bit more speed.

Have you looked at the C25K+, or stepping stones podcasts - from reading other peoples blogs they sound like what I'll need when the challenge of the C25K is done.

Happy running Mo x.

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I hope that these are normal feelings...I still have them over a month after graduating!! :-)

Some people find running fun...I hate to admit this, but I don't think that I fully fall into that category. I enjoy it...sometimes...a bit...sometimes. Let me also say that I don't really enjoy any monotonous physical workouts other than cycling. I know that it is good for me and considering some of the health issues that run in my family and my wife's family, we know that we need to be doing it. We enjoy the success of each run and the success of our running journey, but I have yet to find a run...FUN!!

We set goals and work towards them. We enjoy the successes and we realize that much like eating properly and maintaining proper weight...many of the things that are good for us, just aren't fun.

Now that I have destroyed the magical fantasy of running joy...

Keep Running!! :-)


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mo-mentumGraduate in reply to smhall

Do you know what snhall, I think they might be normal feelings for some people. I still get the same feeling when i'm hill walking. I really hate the first 30 minutes (knowing that I've got to carry on up hill for hours). Then when it comes to the downhill i wish i were going up hill again.

It's not until either the walk is finished and i feel proud of my efforts, or when i'm walking with a group of friends do i really start to enjoy myself.

I'm the same with swimming. I get so bored doing lengths. But I seem to be able to manage 50, just as long as i can mentally work my way through what i need to sort out in the day ahead.

I think it goes back to what makes me tick. Put a ball in front of me and an opposition team and i can run for hours without realising it.

Keep enjoying those sucesses, and don't worry I'll keep at it - I'm still hoping for the moment when i start to really like it.

Cheers Mo.

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