As I read some other posts I am realizing I have misunderstood....

So, I am working my way up to a 10k run. I understood that I increase my distances by 10% each week. So I have been running 3x 5k then the next week 3x 5.5k then so on. I have now finished 2out of 3 6.5km runs...

But from looking back and reading it's only one run a week that is increased by 10% of the weeks total...?

So if I run 3x5k then one of the runs will be 6.5k instead...?

What happens then the next week do I include my "long run" to be 10% more then 16.6km!!?



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  • Ten percent of 6.5 just adds .65 so that takes you to just over 7! Why not keep it simple? 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5 etc? Of course see how it goes and how ur legs are while running and then on rest days

  • I like "keeping things simple" thank you:)

  • I did the same as JoolieB1 just increased one run per week by half a kilometre until I got to 10k. It worked for me....

  • I'm confused too - I thought it was over the whole weeks distance like you so if you ran 3x5 k one week you could run 3x5 .5 k the week after or 2x5k and one long run( which people seem to like doing at weekends) of 6.5k??

    That may be wrong though. I guess the principle is just increasing it gently and not over doing it. I'm only at 4K now and till I reach 5k will work in minutes as per the programme and increase by no more than 10 PC per week overall however it's done.

    If that's wrong please let me know someone!

  • I do three runs per week. I do one of the 5k+ podcasts, the speed one and then a 30min run. I do these during the week when I have less time. I then increase one run at the weekend. So week 1 was 3.1 miles, week two 3.5 miles etc. This approach has worked fine for me as I should reach 10k this weekend. I also tend to be a bit more tired after a long run so I don' think I could do it 3 times a week :-D

  • That's helpful. I like the idea of mixing things up. And so exciting you are nearly at 10k. Awesome!!!

  • Ahh thank you! Yes 10k will be a great achievement and you will get there too :-)

  • This post will hopefully give you a bit of clarity about the ten percent rule, or guideline as I prefer to look on it now.

  • That's really helpful. Thanks for sharing

  • Yep, that is right - the weekly 10% rule is 10% of your weekly total and two shor runs plus a long run is the norm. When I progressed from 5 to 10, there were a couple of weeks where I didn't up my distance as I felt this was what my body needed and then when I got to 8k, my next run was 10k. Similarly, you do not have to increase by the full 10% - that is just considered a safe maximum. Just be sensible and listen to your body and you will get there!

  • In the end it's whatever feels good for you. I ignored the 10% rule, went from 5-10-15 in three weeks and picked up injuries (shows you what I know). These days(nearly a year after graduating) I do 1x5k easy, 1x5k fast and one long run which can be anything between 10 and 20k..

  • Thanks everyone for your shares:)

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