one for the women?

** some familiarity with the term 'star week' is needed for this post.....

So it's my first star week since I started C25K and I was about to start week 3. I plan to do R1 tomorrow, postponed from Tuesday,

How do you all find doing the programme during star week? Right at this moment, sitting on the actual not proverbial couch cuddling a blankie the thought of moving my legs fast fills me with dread.......


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  • Ah yes, luckily I don't have that problem anymore but yes I did when I first started the programme 2 years ago.

    I would give myself an extra rest day if it was the first /second day of " star week " as those were the days I felt absolutely washed out, had stomach cramps and had heavy blood loss .

    I did find that once I got over the first couple of days that I actually felt better for the exercise and fresh air . Entirely up to you of course, but don't feel bad about taking extra rest days if you need to :-) xxx

  • Aaaaah star week... "memories, like the corners of my mind..." There are some plus points to being an old wrinkly ;) Sorry, that wasn't very helpful was it! I'm plagued with ridiculous song titles now... "Long ago... and so very far away..."

    Hot water bottle. NO guilt. Run when you're ready :) (and big hugs) x

  • thanks for the hugs. Emotional overflow is here. An advert for toothpaste just made me cry....

  • ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚okay, hot water bottle, NO guilt, a box of kleenex (and more hugs) :)

  • Oh I totally sympathise, I finding going out in the morning can help, by the end of the day there is no way I can manage. Obviously every woman is different but if it very sore why not do a brisk walk and see how you feel doing that? Could always add in a few weeks runs if you felt like it.

  • I had always found that exercise helped me during my period, until I came off the pill recently for a couple of months. My first "star week" after stopping it started on a Sunday morning when I normally run. I had the niggly beginnings of cramps and assumed I'd be OK as normal so set off. NOPE! Ended up nearly puking in a supermarket carpark and limping home feeling pathetic and needing the loo!

    I agree with starting out with a brisk walk to see how you feel and work your way up from there. We're all different but I think you will feel better for doing some exercise during your time of the month, whether it's running or something less strenuous.

  • yes, I agree. I am going to go onto the run tomorrow anyway and see how I get on. There's no way I can run on the 'peak' day, which is day 2. Fortunately I'm not on too long.

  • Totally with you on day 2 being peak! Am not going to attempt running that day for sure! Maybe not day 3 either.

  • Sometimes a bath with the nicest bubbles you have and an early night with a hot water bottle is the best medicine. Nothing wrong with extra rest days. Muscles get chance to recover too. Then when you gain energy you will be zooming off again.๐Ÿ›€

  • Moving about helps me. Eases the pain, stabilises my mood and seems to cut a day of my period... But nothing wrong with extra rest days if you need itโค

  • You mean menstruation?

    Who said the NHS C25K involved moving your legs *fast*? I started C25K just after completing menopause (not deliberately) but some way into the programme had severe cramping and bleeding (leading to some 'fun' investigations) As getting out of bed to the toilet was a serious challenge, running wasn't going to happen, but it was almost the first thing I got back to doing, before my other normal activities and now I will often try a gentle run (avoiding hard or complicated surfaces) if I have abdominal pain, and it does often help. More than going for a walk. The key determinant is more about how fuzzy my head is (ie can I drive) and whether I can stand up straight, rather than the pain itself.

    Unfortunately many people think that if you can go for a run you can do absolutely anything else.

    There are some good yoga resources out there for menstruation too - a nice mix of gentle movement and cosseting.

  • Star week? What a nice but strange term. Never heard that and had no idea what you meant till I read the replies. Not an issue for me these days but I would suggest being more being gentle to yourself and trying some slow walk/ runs and just going with the flow (sorry for the pun)

  • Love a good pun in the morning!

  • Like HilaryC took me a while to cotton on! It's not a problem for me any more either but I would apply the adage you hear all the time on this forum "listen to your body", do whatever feels comfortable for you.

    Although if you believe the TV ads, with right sanitary wear you can do anything and everything ๐Ÿ˜€

  • ...whilst wearing white jeans.....:-)

  • ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Hormones change during the month for women and like most things we are all individual. It will take you a good couple of months to find out what suits you, I would try a gentle walk at the times when you feel the worst but if it feels too much don't stress, your body is telling you you need to take it easier. I found that my energy dipped for a couple of days two weeks before, the week before I was on fire and got most of my personal best runs and the week on it was a slower week. If you find it really disabiliatating be mindful of your iron levels as running and heavy cycles can be an issue so if you find your energy levels dipping a bit it's worth a little check out. I'm sure it won't take you long to find out what works for you.

  • I tend to call it shark week but star week sounds a lot more polite!! I have endometriosis and am usually bed bound when it's my week so I barely walk so running would be out of the question! Any tips though would be greatly appreciated! As I tend to not do anything when I am on.

  • Sorry to hear about endometriosis. That's hard to cope with.

  • Try taking evening primrose and cod liver oil tablets-these have certainly worked for me. It might take a little while before they take effect though. I've also found that exercise makes periods shorter,but again it might take a while before it makes any difference.

  • Well I did the run today, so only one extra rest day needed. Phew! Another in the bag....

  • Reading this thread with interest, as just as I was getting ready to go out for W2R3 the familiar cramps started. I decided to go and see how I got on, and take it slower if necessary. I managed the run with no issues, but I am glad to have a rest day tomorrow, as that's when I'll peak. Still, I'm feeling pretty good (though maybe not as good as some of the ads imply....)

  • I know those ads are so unbelievable - tight white jeans on star week??!?

  • You mean your every move isn't accompanied by an 80s style power ballad...? ;-)

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