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W4R1 done....I was so afraid!


Hello everyone! Did W4R1 and am convinced that it was only possible thanks to everyone repeatedly telling me to stay slow and take rest days. Was almost going to miss the run. Had a tiring weekend, a night duty and a tough long day at work. Also had read how W4 is supposed to be a tough transition and was feeling quite negative.Set out for run at the time I usually get back from it and was afraid the park would be too lonely but I had Laura with me and other runners too and so it got done. Whew! Not celebrating too soon though....have a hard wek at work. Hope all of you are running well.

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Well done. Some of the best runs are when you have to force yourself out the door. Don't work too hard.

Tryinghard2016Graduate in reply to OldPossum

Thank you. At running or at work? Presently cooling off on my terrace.😁

It's the work interfering with the running that's the problem 😀

Tryinghard2016Graduate in reply to OldPossum

Couldn't agree more! But must work

I know me too 🙃

Well done you! :-)


Oh well done you! You know you can do it now. The hardest bit of every run is getting out of that door :)

It is as much mental as physical for a lot of us. And having a demanding job can be a real obstacle. But once you have gone and done it, regardless of the obstacles, the feeling is unbeatable!


Great dedication - so easy to miss a run out after tiring week at work/weekend etc. Everything I read about running tells me the mental side is so important. Looks like you proved that & ran when it would have been easier not to go. So pat on the back for that! Look forward to hearing how you get on.

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