My w3d1

My w3d1

Morning guys!

After going out on the lash saturday, pigging out on vegan pizza at zizzi again and getting tattooed on my wrist yesterday i thought i would push back this run until tuesday.

However after peaty's gold i thought sod it...i want to get out there and do this :)

With my new sports bra, a clean sock/kitchen roll covering my tattoo I completed the run! This is despite my app confusing me and i ended up running with most of the 3 minute walk....quickly recovered and the last 3 minute run was ace! It was nice to listen to olive - youre not alone through really got me through :)

I did find Sarah's comment about the hedge a bit weird lol!

Love A. xxxx


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  • Wow well done Ayelet, more guts than me! After a dissapointing w2r3 I have delayed until tommorow, deciding that I deserved a 2 day break lol. I'll drag my sorry bum out tommorow lol x

  • You can also repeat w2d3. One thing i learnt was that feeling of control. Halfway through week 2 i felt like i could keep jogging, but i didn't and followed the programme through!

    Looking forward to seeing you journal your run tomorrow. Sending lots of positive vibes : D

  • The hedge thing is to persuade you to peer over it in order to keep yourself upright rather than slumping. If you do tire and find yourself crumpling then her words of wisdom - dragged out from your befuddled memory banks - can save your run. Head up, run tall and before you know it you're at the finish line.

    Take it steady, slow is fine, and you'll soon have the job sussed.

    Have fun!

  • Thank you! I will remember this for next Wednesday's run :)

  • On w2 d1 I thought omg, I caaaaaant do this! W2 d2 was amazing I felt brilliant! W2d3. I was frustrated because it was harder than day 2 yet it was easier than day 1. I'm going to try w3d1 as I won't know unless I push myself if I am capable.......however if I struggle I will repeat wk d2 and wk 2 day 3 later this week.

  • I have just done W3D1, I wasn't looking forward to it as I struggled on day 3 last week but was fully prepared to repeat week 2 if tonight was a disaster, it wasn't, I recovered between each run and just listened to Laura. I say run with my tongue firmly in my cheek as I am definately taking the advice to go slow then slow it down even more :) On W1D1 I could never have imagined running for three minutes so the plan is working, I even had to hitch my pants up a couple of times tonight.

  • Well done aye! I did it today, I'm so not a runner and carrying a bit of extra weight that I did find the 2 three minute sections quite hard but I did all the runs without stopping. Another one in the bag though.

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