Flipbelt trial

Flipbelt trial

I know people on this forum have asked in the past about running belts so I thought I would post my experience if anyone is interested. When I run I usually wear a thin sleeveless jacket over my t shirt as it has pockets to hold my phone and keys. However I was starting to get a bit hot as the weather got warmer, so I decided to treat myself to a flipbelt. I gave it a couple of short runs first to try it out and on Saturday I wore it for the first time at parkrun. I find it sits comfortably on the hips and doesn't ride up (or down), I can slide my phone in easily and thread my headphones under my top and there is room for a small purse with emergency money and my keys for which there is an extra safety hook. I bought the slightly more expensive version with a zip pocket for extra security, but really I don't need it as the belt feels quite secure as it is. The idea is to put your items in and flip it over so the opening is underneath, but I find it more convenient to leave the opening on top as I can then get at my stuff more easily if I need to. I am not a skinny minny like the girl on the flipbelt website but it somehow made me feel lighter when running as I didn't have things jiggling round in my pockets.


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  • Hi Marinagirl I was looking at these belts as I cant even consider going without Laura encouraging me down my phone. I did borrow my sons arm band but it was useless as there was nowhere to poke the headphone through. Does this one have a slot for headphones as I dont really want to buy wireless ones. Also how does it do up

  • Hi It doesn't have a specific slot for headphones. You slide the phone into the slot on the belt and then the cord comes out through the opening. Also it doesn't do up. It's round and you just step into it. Sorry, hard to explain clearly. Hope that helps.

  • Its what to do with the ear phones that I find a pain and at the minute Im running round holding my phone with the ear phone wire flapping around me which isnt ideal. I assume its elasticated in some way. Do they come in sizes or is it one size fits all.

  • I feed the headphone wire down under my t shirt and then up and into the slot on the belt. Keeps it out of the way.The belts are elasticated and they come in different sizes and colours. Have a look at the website flipbelt.co.uk all the info is there.

  • I've been using an armband and find it a bit of a pain and have been thinking about a belt so it is interesting to hear your feedback. Maybe I'll give one a go.

  • I've never tried an armband they look too fiddly. I find the flipbelt very simple to use. Personal preference I guess.

  • Thanks that's helpful. Having lost my key falling out my pocket I need a better solution !!

  • Oh yes the long cool down! Not all my new outfits have pockets and the arm band is only for the phones so I need to do something. I confess hubby bought me the arm thingy, I didn't even know they existed 😀

  • I really don't like my armband - I wear it on my forearm as I can't manage it on my upper arm - very weird - so this sounds great - thanks for the post. Re headphone I bought a cordless part cheap on amazon and they are great as they free me up from that distracting cord stuff! They were about £7 I think :-)

  • I have also got a flipbelt. It takes keys (on the key ring clip), money and phone. You could probably squeeze more into it aswell. I don't flip it over and have not lost anything yet. Once you start running you really don't notice it, I find it very good. Only problem is it's not waterproof. I have got a waterproof armband, but find armbands far too fiddly - a couple of times I've put my phone in it though and then clipped it round my flipbelt (so my phone was held against my tummy by the flipbelt). That worked aswell!

  • Great review, like the others i has looked at these and been hesitant but I think you answered every doubt I had, looks like I'm buying myself a prezzie :)

  • Thanks. Just be aware, as JaySeeSkinny says, the belt isn't waterproof. Also I haven't had to wash it yet so I'm not sure how it fairs after washing.

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