Camelbak circuit review :)

Camelbak circuit review :)

Well fellow runners. I have decided to review little bits of kit that I have brought. The reason for this is all the sales pitches are oh this oh that and thank you for your hard earned cash.

So here is my first review. Inspired by JJ I finally needed something to keep my run coat in,my phone safe to record my strava and my podcasts with Laura. Not forgetting the rehydration as my runs get longer and harder. And my sticky bum pocket sweets lol.

So here it is the camelbak circuit. If your chest is smaller than 46" then that's a good start for you.

The bladder holds 1.5ltrs of water and providing you get rid of the excess air the water doesn't slosh about to much at all.

It's easy operation allows filling within minutes and your ready to go. The phone pocket (yellow zip top left shoulder) houses an iPhone 6 easily (not sure about any bigger phones thou) and allows u to hear your podcasts easily. The pocket is also sweat proof apparently so your phone stays dry.

Two pockets one either side are a nice size and could hold a medium water bottle if 1.5 Ltrs wasn't enough for you, but I use them for my coat,keys and sweets ;)

Whilst testing I did a 2mile run with my wife and suffered no pain or ill effects, the pack sits tight against your body (if you want it too) and doesn't restrict your breathing at all. The video was supposed to show if there was any movement but my camera woman didn't zoom in enough bless her. All in all I'm very pleased with my batman equivalent utility belt which now allows me to wear any kit I wish underneath but still have everything I need. Price 😞 I paid £62 for it from go outdoor but it can be cheaper off the internet. All in all I'm very pleased with my purchase. The camelbak octane 18X is a bigger brother of this kit but that comes at a bigger price!!! Hope this helps if you are wondering about extended kit.

The picture also show another little hidden pocket I've just found :)

Happy running everyone

:) Jase

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  • Nice. What kind of mileage are you covering to warrant getting one?

  • At the moment I'm doing about 6 miles at the max. But the kit allows me to carry stuff which I need and still allows me to run properly without having to hold my phone or leave my house keys somewhere etc. the main thing is I did decide to run 20 miles I can without worrying about hydration or fuel requirements J

  • Super post and vid.

  • Cheers buffy the wife is getting better at it lol

  • OMG... that is what I earn in a week....!!!

  • I do save for my hobbies :)

  • Great action shot twinny! a good review too :)

  • Cheers Ali :)

  • Loving the tags Jase! :D

    I've been wondering about carrying water as my distance increases. Trying to do a toss up between a belt and a backpack. Not really keen on carrying stuff :\ I do get very hot and sweaty when I run so was wondering how you found the camelbak in that respect?

  • I do get hot too. It's quite airated but yes you do get a bit hot. I compensated by wearing less clothing. You can slacken it off if you want but I like my stuff close so it doesn't rub me. The pack is quite light as well. J

  • The other thing is if you wear a belt it jumps up and down especially if you carry water bottles. I remember that from my forces days. On your back the weight is distributed better and hence doesn't hurt as much. Hope this helps J

  • Thanks Jase. Yes, that does help. You've pretty much confirmed my thinking about a belt which was what was putting me off. Guess I'll take my chances on getting a bit more sweaty then :)

  • Sweaty is always good. Shows the body is working :) J

  • Sounds fabulous, but pricey at my early stages :-) How do you clean the water holding and straw type bit? Does it all come apart? Or am I barking up entirely the wrong tree?

  • It's got an anti bacterial coating but I use Milton fluid. And I only use water no fruit juice etc

  • Thanks Jase, that's really useful information. Mrs OG thinks I'm spending too much already (bought shorts this afternoon!)

  • It's all for a good cause at the end of the day tell her :) J

  • If you got really well formed hips the belt might work. For me most belts seems to fall down which distracts you from what you're doing.

    For cycling I'm used to carrying a light weight backpack which is prepared for a water bladder. My wife has a CamelBak but that model doesn't have much room for an extra layer.

  • I have a camel bak mule for mountain biking and that can hold some and more but this circuit version is just enough for my running :) J

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