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Has anyone got any recommendations for leggings with pockets?🏃🏼‍♀️


I have so many leggings for running but only 1 pair that actually has pockets pockets and don’t fall down when I’m running! I bought a running belt thing off amazon to put my phone and keys in but I’m not a massive fan of it, I prefer to keep my phone in my pocket. So I’m constantly washing and wearing the same pair with the pockets😩

Can anyone recommended any good ones, preferably black or a dark colour? I have looked everywhere!!

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I am going to observe this post, as actually I would love to buy that kind of leggings too.

I had and old pair of 3/4 length leggings which I used to walk a dog with, but now they are too worn off - I bought them from Aldi shop ( Crane ) they had a zipped pocket.

But like proper running leggings with pockets I have not seen yet.

EllalouxGraduate in reply to RunGirl31

I have one pair that has pockets and they stay in place when I run, they’re fab! I was just going to buy a second pair of them but they’ve not been in stock for quite a while!! I’m sick of having to constantly wash them straight away after every run🤣


Actually now, that I think about it - I saw an advert for Fabletics. Have you seen it?


Have a look at that link.

Moderator - If this is not allowed, please let me know and I will edit and take the link off.

I just thought I will share it, don't want to do any products placements.

EllalouxGraduate in reply to RunGirl31

I’ve looked at fabletics and they charge you a monthly fee (think about £45) unless you ring them up and cancel- which sounds like more hassle than it’s worth for a pair of leggings😩

RunGirl31Graduate in reply to Ellaloux

Do they??? What for tho? They can't be charging for leggings every month 🤣

EllalouxGraduate in reply to RunGirl31

🤣They do an offer it’s something like 2 pairs for £24 but you have to sign up as a VIP member for the offer- otherwise the leggings are mega expensive!!

I’ve got Lucy Locket Loves shorts, they have a pocket in the back for phone! They do Capri and full length too. Super comfy and fun designs, highly recommend.

Oooops, just seen you want dark, they do have darker designs too though, so maybe worth looking on the website or app 😊

EllalouxGraduate in reply to Bravenewworld

Oh fantastic!! I’ll have a look into those😊x

Have you tried using another brand of belt called "flipbelt " available with zips or without?

EllalouxGraduate in reply to Lucyintheskywith

I just don’t like the belts in general to be honest they really bug me haha! I’d rather just have my phone in my leggings pocket x


My favourite leggings are underarmour ones with a side pocket on the leg. I have capris and full length warmer ones too. My phone goes in there (and there is room for a tissue and key as well if necessary as the pocket is stretchy). The legggins have a drawstring waist so there is no issue with the trousers falling. I absolutely forget my phone is there, but it is easy to take out if I need it.

For longer runs where I want to take a drink I also wear a flipbelt as mentioned above. I have the cheaper one without zips and there is a clip for my key and plenty of space for a bottle (I have one large flipbelt bottle and one small one) and tissues plus, for really long runs, there is room for jelly babies/gels/chews as well.

EllalouxGraduate in reply to linda9389

I’ll have a look at under armour thank you!!😃


bambooclothing.com do leggings with pockets.

EllalouxGraduate in reply to WibbleJ

I will have a look, thank you!!x


My Kalenji leggings from last year have waist pocket and a side leg pocket, didn’t cost too much & have washed and worn well. Have a look ...

EllalouxGraduate in reply to Granspeed

Do they stay in place when running? I bought a pair with pockets a few week ago (not kalenji ones) and I spend more time pulling them up than running, so that pair are just for wearing round the house now🤣

GranspeedGraduate in reply to Ellaloux

They are summer weight ones and very stretchy and I’ve never had a problem. Waist has a tie as well as being elasticated. But we are all different shapes, so it may be a try-it-and-see job. 😄

EllalouxGraduate in reply to Granspeed

Brilliant I will have a look at those, thank you!!😃

I have these: craftsportswear.co.uk/colle... which are comfy. Phone pocket is open rather than zipped but it feels secure. There's an elastic loop round the waist which I've used to tighten them so they stay up well.

EllalouxGraduate in reply to Blackberrypie

Oh fabulous!! I like the pockets open so I have easy access to my phone- mine current ones are like that😊

I’ve just had a look on the website, I do prefer longer leggings but have seen some on there that are longer and look perfect- thank you so much for that!!😄

BlackberrypieGraduate in reply to Ellaloux

Yes, I quite like being able to just pull my phone out and take a photo or check on progress!

EllalouxGraduate in reply to Blackberrypie

Yes same!! The running belt drives me mad trying to get my phone in and out of it🤣


I’ve got Tikiboo leggings that have a zip pocket at the back for your phone. They are super high waisted and have an elasticated band so they don’t fall down 🙌🏻


I bought these a few weeks ago . There is a pocket in the back of the waistband that fits my Samsung s9 and a drawstring also and if you buy 2 pairs you save money😊👍


£14 each or 2 for £21


M&s have some with a pocket on one leg and a back pocket. I typically put my phone in the leg pocket but if it's raining lots it fits in the back zip pocket too. They have a drawstring waist and I find them really comfy

EllalouxGraduate in reply to Mum22boys

I never thought of m&s! Didn’t know they did sportswear! I’ll have a look now, thank you😊

Hi! I was in the same predicament. ASOS (the clothing website) do fab leggings and sports wear. They do a lot of brand name etc but if you look out for 4505 on their website, its their own brand of gym wear. They have leggings In various colours which have a mesh pocket on the leg which is big enough for phone and stretchy enough for keys etc and nothing will fall out. Not a huge fan of online shopping but by far best leggings I’ve had and around £15 a pair, and id say better than fabletics especially for the price. You can usually find discount codes etc online too xx


EllalouxGraduate in reply to jenniexxx

Thank you Jennie! I LOVE asos!! I do have a pair of their leggings with the mesh pocket but they’re an absolute pain for slipping down- they are really nice leggings though and I wear them all the time for spinning😊 I might have a look to see if they do any other ones though!

jenniexxx in reply to Ellaloux

I have found if you go down a size from your usual size then they seem to fit better! Or try one of the other suggestions they all sound great🥰

EllalouxGraduate in reply to jenniexxx

Oh fab, I shall have a look! Thank you for your help😃xx

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