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Sunday morning run week8 run3

I'd decided that Sunday's run was going to be a morning one after enjoying Friday morning. I'd been awake for ages eventually got up and out the door at 6am. It was sooo warm but really windy.

I went the same route as Friday and hated it!! I think it was the swirly wind, I was out of breath and ended up stopping twice, just for a couple of deep breaths and a swig of water. I've never had to stop before, it feels like I've cheated, stupid I know.

I've never been so relieved to hear Laura to say that's it slow down and walk!! I did run 2.5miles in the 28 minutes but it was hard work for the third run. I'll see how I feel Tuesday I might? do this one again instead of going on to week 9!!!!!

Hubby confessed he was struggling on the bike, and thought about getting me to stop and walk home. He knows his answer would be "get stuffed I can do it"

Still can't believe I'm a runner!!!!

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I'm pretty sure you haven't cheated :-) :-) and it did sound like a tough one but you did it so hats off to you...Well done

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I did the same run this morning but I found the wind refreshing. It was very windy during the night but more of a breeze this morning


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