How many excuses

SO last night after finishing a 12h shift of days it was time for week 4 run 2. I got in the accommodation and thought right lets go get changed, so up the 3 flights of stairs to my room I go and walk in. I go to get changed, sit on the bed and then the excuses go through my head.

1) I am so tired after having 4/5h sleep for the last few nights, and swapping from night shift to day shift ........ brain kicks in, you did 18h on shift in a 24h period on monday, had 4h sleep then did a 12h shift and still managed w4r1 on tuesday night so thats no excuse.

2) But the gym is back down those 3 flights of stairs and then I have to come up them again.......brain kicks in again, and so is the laundry where you have to drop your clothes into anyway as they are muddy

3) But I haven't drunk enough today ..... brain kicks in once again, so have a cup of water, go for a run, come back and have another one before your shower and bed!

SO I listen to the brain being sensible and go back down the 3 flights of stairs, drop off my laundry and go do w4r2 and manage a new best distance of 3.14km. I was shattered when I finished and those 3 flights of stairs back up were horrible but it felt good knowing I had done it :). I know the distance isn't the main thing but I am doing my duke of Edinburgh diamond award and one of my challenges is to run 5km. If I manage it my friends will sponsor me, hence the pushing myself every other day while I have been here.

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  • Hooray! Lots of excuses but you kicked them all into touch. Made of strong stuff - you'll do this!

  • Thanks for the vote of confidence. I still get the buzz when I finish which makes me want to keep going :)

  • Oh my goodness, I don't think I'll complain about a run ever again. What do you do? I can't believe you did a 12-hour shift and then ran. DEDICATION! Well done!! Nearly at week 5 and then you're half way there. :) Keep at it (but go easy on yourself too) :)

  • I work offshore, East of the shetlands bobbing around in the N.Sea. I do 3 weeks of 12h shifts and then 3 weeks of catching up on sleep, post and being 'normal' before coming away again for 3 weeks. Ive been here almost 3 weeks so done most of week 1, and weeks 2 and 3, after a 12h night shift. I've been doing it for 5 years now so I am used to it, the running helps me get rid of anything that has annoyed me during my shift as well :)

  • Respect! Good on you. Will look forward to your progression (if it goes to quick, we'll know you're really annoyed)! ;) Good luck with your next run.

  • I did week 4 run 3 last night. I wasn't going to go as it was steak and bingo night, but still had the energy after the bingo. I put the olympics on the TV and the time went really fast, before I knew it I was done and I ran a new best distance so obviously not looking at a timer helps

  • Great dedication! And I feel like a zombie if I don't have my 8 hours sleep. Won't complain again :)

  • I felt like it, I ended up falling asleep at 9pm and slept until 5:15 this morning....feel more human today

  • So glad you posted this! My work schedule is changing dramatically and I do fear the 'excuses' will derail me - but when they try I will think of you and the VASTLY worse hours/schedule you have described and that you still went out and did it. Thank you - I will need that example :)

  • I find it hard when when I get to the end of a hitch, the last week normally. I find giving myself as much sleep as possible helps even if it means I am anti social for one night at least I know I will feel better about everything. You just have to remember the feeling you get when you finish a run and how you feel like nothing can stop you :)

  • Right on! Only for knowing that wonderful feeling when you know you ran your very best I honestly believe I would have stopped after ten minutes yesterday. And now knowing that there are days when you might not "enjoy" the running part but still get a great return from the run itself is a good thing to store in the "Motivational Bag" 🤔☺

  • I'm doing Duke of Edinburgh diamond challenge too (10k for me). Good luck with it you will succeed you are showing such determination. Just remember the saying on here go slow and you will get there.

  • Very well done! When excuses pop up in my head, I always ask myself: Have you ever regretted a run? And then I just go!

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