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All the excuses you need. I have loads.

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So after amazing myself by getting to W4 R3 which I thought would be impossible at the beginning, something went wrong. I finished week 4 a month ago. I did get a bothersome cold which stopped me in my tracks for a few days but since then here are some of the excuses I have used to not go for a run.

Too hot. Watching the world cup. High Pollen Count. Had a pint at lunchtime. Camping weekender. Run out of sunblock. I had a swim earlier. Invited to BBQ later so didnt have time, and many more beside. But the most annoying one of all is that I Forgot that running is something I do! No more excuses from here on in. I am determined to crack on again, will probably have to drop back to W3 again, but that's ok. So tonight I will run again! Unless anyone else can think of a good reason not to!

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Run in the mornings before you even brush your teeth you won't even have time to think of a good excuse! ;)

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MMlkGraduate in reply to MMlk

But seriously, keep strong, you can do it! x

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Ha, been there done that. You’re a runner, get out there!

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Nope, definitely all out! Plus you’ll feel like you’ve slayed those gremlins who are only too willing to dish them out. So go and enjoy getting back to what you do!! 😁❤️

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It's easy to make the excuses not to go, you've just got to get out there.

I know you've been out of practice for a month, but I'd say give W4R1 a second go. If you do it great, you can keep going, if you can't then maybe then think about dropping back to week 3.

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Hahahahahaha....there’s some cracking ones there, especially the football...but NO MORE!!! Get your clobber on & get out know you want to!!!

Good for you for ‘fessing up! Go and run because you like it!

The last few mornings I *really* haven't wanted to get out of bed. Once I get going it's OK though and I'm always glad I did it when I get back home.

Only three weeks to go now, just need to keep my eye on the prize....

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