Lido Harvest Gathered In!

Well, that is the first time I have ever queued outside a shop for a sale. Not that I was the only one heading straight for a certain section mind. So (and bearing in mind that it is my birthday in a few days) we have: three pairs of legging, three t shirts, two vests, two yoga tops, three pairs of socks and two bras for the princely sum of Β£58! The bras are not top of the range but more than adequate for low impact classes and the socks definitely not the quality of the Swaetshop ones I have, but just coordinate so cutely with the outfits. Pilates this afternoon, the run. Definitely!πŸƒπŸ˜‹


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47 Replies

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  • I am going down at 4pm when I finish work :-D

  • Can recommend. The actual leggings and tops seem good quality.

  • Nothing left in a small :-( PAH!

  • Maybe we did too good a job publicising on here. Oh dear.

  • Excellent haul and value :-)

  • Yes, am quietly pleased!

  • Well done Sue, loads of goodies there !

    Oh its fab buying new sporty gear isn't it ? :-) xxx

  • Yes it sure is. Was tempted to wear some for the dog walk just now, but thought I might look like a bit of a poser!

  • And what's wrong with that - new clothes have to be worn :-)

  • You are very right OP! We runners should wear our kit with pride!

  • Well, I just happened to find myself outside Lidl at 8.00 am this morning. How the heck did that happen one wonders. I must have done it without thinking. Homing instinct perhaps?

    I spent about Β£40 and bought loads!!!!!! I think I might go back and have another go with my change. Tee hee

    I got two bras, yellow and the green. The green one says it's HIGH IMPACT.Got the socks with the turquoise trim, the RUNNING RUCKSACK! If it's as good as the cycling one it'll be great. It even comes with its own rain cover. I only got one pair of capris, the ones with the turquoise trim.The matching tee shirt, the yellow tee shirt, the turq/yellow vest and the grey/turq vest.

    Not tried em on yet. Just about to. See ya later x

  • Good work, Miss W! Have tried on and put lovingly in newly cleared second running drawer. I know what you mean about going back, but would be pointless as I basically bought one of everything!

  • Ha ha Wobble ! I knew it !!! I had visions of you headfirst in a pile of running gear ! I was just waiting for the SOS to come and pull you out by your ankles ha ha :-D

    Don't forget to report back ! :-) xxx

  • I'm getting jealous now - I wont know what my hubby has chosen till about 6 tonight aaaah!! Torment :-)

  • Actually, there was a chap in our Lidl this morning picking out a selection from the ladies' stuff. I wonder whether it was him.

  • Right! I am back having tried everything on

    The yellow bra is lovely! As is the yellow top (or should I say citron) Ditto the vests and the tees. The darker bluey green bra with fancy straps at the back (high impact one) is VERY small. I got the Small and I am size 8. It is lovely though with moulded cups which are great for flat-chested types like me. If you are a 10 or 12 I'd go with the Medium. The whole lot are colour co-ordinated so everything looks great together. I am deffo going back in a bit to get the capris in the citron/dark grey/black. The only fly in the ointment is the much smaller BACK pocket. It will hold a key and a bit of change but not an mp3 player I don't think. Mine is tiny so I'll give it a go.

    The items are beautifully packed! You'd think you were paying a fortune. They last and last though, if washed correctly, and mine have not faded at all. The tights have not lost any stretch either, which is a boon.

    The runners rucksack is padded and ventilated. It says on the blurb it comes ready to accept a litre water bladder with pipe. Can't comment other than that as it's not something I know about. I might run with it on my return trip later to evaluate its performance. Ha ha. Trouble is I could come back with it FULL! Eek.

  • They seemed to have reasonable quantities in our one at least!

  • Gorgeous !!!!

    Oh I want some vests, especially with this humid weather, they look fab !

    Arrrgh I don't know when I will be able to get to one , theres loads of Aldi's near me but no Lidl - Pah !

    Fill yer boots, ( rucksack ) Wobble ! :-) xxx

  • Agree about the packaging too. Ooh, so tempted to go back. Perhaps I missed something..........

  • Yes. I got some capri's and quite agree about the pockets. not big enough for a phone. That was the great thing about the lidl ones. Still it's cheap and it lasts. 2 tops as well.

  • Wow! Huge hauls - won't be anything left soon!

  • Oops posted above, not below!

  • I'm back I got the black and the White sports bras, both tried on and they fitted, I got the medium, two pairs of socks and a bottle of wine!!! Promise it jumped into my basket without permission πŸ˜‰.

  • Hmm, must admit I chucked a packet of spinach and one of rocket in the trolley so I could say had done healthy food shop with a few extra bits and bobs!

  • Have a feeling hubby will pick up wine too !!

  • I must be a weird shape! Got two of the "large" bras, (1) the white zip up - managed to get that one on - very funny! (2) The green one (which I LOVED) I couldn't even get on. I am what you'd call 'ample' in the boob department but I think coupled with a really broad back, it was never going to happen. :( The tops however (got a yellow and a grey/blue) are fabulous. The capris are gorgeous too but will be going back as...wait for it... they're too big..Yay!!! Either later on or tomorrow, I'm going to be nipping back to swap the bras for another top and bottom ensemble, the capris for a smaller size and maybe a couple more pairs of the socks. Oh and I got a new toy (heart rate monitor) and can confirm I'm alive :)

  • Brilliant - your new purchases are too big and I'm in smaller jeans - what a day ! :-)

  • Well, I do get not minding having to return something for THAT reason!

  • I had to avert my eyes and quickly dart passed the heart rate monitor.

    OMG, I forgot to say, the shoes look lovely! You'd love em Pops. I wanted to stroke them but they thought of that and put them in clear bags so no-one messes em up. Could you imagine all the paw marks on em at the end of the day. Tee hee

    The dark bluey green bra is gorgeous McFatty. Any chance the large size would fit?

  • I got the large size of the dark bluey green one! I agree it's utterly gorgeous but absolutely no chance of me even struggling into it. :( It has to go back. *very sad face*. I was looking at the shoes too but thought they would be a no no as everyone keeps saying how important the right shoes are. Do you think they'd be okay?

  • Oh yes ! Those orangey/red ones with the lime sole are gorgeous , they look really cushioned as well ! :-) xxx

  • Ok. I now realise it was the shoes I needed too. Even if they are not gait analysed for me. They did look very pretty. And my Nikes don't go with every outfit now!

  • Am now thinking maybe I will need shoes too. They do look very pretty on line and they would match everything. I'm sending hubby a text now !!

  • Hubby got me a pair of those ones!

  • My local Lidl is in ruins (literally) but I might have to find another one now that my tracker mortgage is going down!

  • A great reason. And worth the effort. Just off to Pilates in my black and yellow leggings, black bra and yellow top, plus socks and feeling powerful!

  • I went -just to have a look, no harm in looking. Gave in to temptation and bought the turquoise t shirt and cropped leggings with the matching panel at the back and socks. All came to less than Β£11. The leggings are are a bit thinner than my others but nice for summer. Can't wait to wear now but problem with my hip has kept me on ic for past week. Getting fed up waiting to run.

  • Oh no , all dressed up and nowhere to go ! :-(

    Sorry to hear this dddd4 , hope you feel better soon xxx

  • Thanks, may have to wear in the house and do some core stretches just so can try them outπŸ˜‰

  • We'll get better soon. Wearing it is just so much fun. Even found myself actually looking in the studio mirrors this afternoon, so is actually helping to improve my technique!

  • Of course! 😊

    We shall all run like the wind in our new gear ☺ I am going out in mine tonight as it's jog group. It's tipping it down with rain here at the mo so just put off my return for the other capris til it abates.

    I am supposed to be cleaning like a white tornado as apparently I have family coming to stay with me for a week from tomorrow. My husband just told me! 😠 Grrrrrrrrrr! He'll just stand about saying, is there anything I can do, whilst wandering off down to his shed to count his screw collection. Tut

  • His screw collection :-D :-D Mine has one of those!

  • So has mine!!! My collections are much more interesting - fabric and now running gear :-)

  • I went back for the black/grey/yellow leggings and they'd sold out!!!!! I was rather miffed as it was another route march. Still, good exercise

    I might try the other branch tomorrow

    Well done folks! We'll all suddenly become amazons once we pull on the Pants of Power. Come on! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeha!

  • And I just have to say thank you to you Misswobble, as I believe it was you who originally alerted us all to the best shopping deal of the year. Cheers!

  • Yes, good exercise. How positive. My daughter tried to go this afternoon and said it was a bloodbath waiting to happen. Competitive elbow use etc. she left!

  • I got the black yellow flashy capris today from the other branch 😊 Oooh what to wear for Parkrun πŸ˜ƒ Decisions, decisions 😊

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