week 9 run 3

Well I finally did it this morning here in Tamworth NSW.

it has only taken a week long than first planned but I did it.

I tried last weekend to finish week 9 but couldn't. Felt like I was carrying rocks in my shoes plus I had a sore muscle that make it hard to run.

But determined to finished I got up this morning and made the decision to run today before anything else got in my way.

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  • Many congratulations on completing the challenge! No matter that it took a wee bit longer ... The fact is you DID it! :D

    Well done, what are you planning to do to follow C25K? Cheers, Linda x

  • I am aiming to keep going and use the C25k+ podcast to improve and actually run 5k which I have not done yet

  • Congratulations on your graduation! It doesn't matter how long it took - otherwise they'd have to take my badge off me :D

  • Woohooo! Well done!

  • Congratulations!!! You done it and that's all that matters well done !!

  • Welcome to the Grad club! :-)

  • Ta da! Congratulations, you are now a graduate! :) Send a message via the 'Feedback' tab and you'll get the lovely little green badge next to your name. :)

  • Congratulations!! I'm just back from 30 min run. Strange thing happened - a black bird flew right into my face. My lips touched its wings

    !!!! Think it may be my bright pink running jacket that alarmed it!!!!

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