Week 2 day 2 postponed for vertigo :(

Gutted....... Think that would end the post in one word 😭

So proud of my achievements last week all prepared for today's run until through the night every time I turned over the room was spinning 🌪🌪🌪 I felt sick to the stomach every time. Since I got up I've only had one episode when I bent down to put washing in the washing machine.....felt like I was soooooooo drunk, spinning room and nausea.

Didn't dare go on a run, probably could have and might tommorow depending on anymore dizziness. Feel a bit let down by things beyond my control 🤒

Grrrr, 3 runs forward, 1 step back!


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13 Replies

  • Hang in there and you will get out again, do you have any meds for vertigo?

  • No, I remember having labyrinthitis about 8 years ago and it was exactly like this. I thought I would give it 24 hours and I'll go to the Drs tommorow if no change. Through the day today I've only been dizzy once so I probably could go for a run tommorow. But through the night every time I turned room was spinning with my eyes open or even closed 😳 Fingers crossed it will pass as quick as it came on ☺️

  • I have vertigo and I've had to delay runs because of it. It's frustrating, I know, but among the many great pieces of advice I've received from the lovely people here is this: running is hopefully going to be a lifelong habit; this is just a small bump in the road.

    Get some rest, and run again when you're better. It's a small setback but will not matter in the long run (no pun intended). Take care, hope you feel better soon.

  • Wise words :)

  • Is that the same sort of thing as Ménière's disease I have had that three times over the years..horrid!

    Just wait until it passes... rest... that is all you can do ?

    It will pass and you will be up and running before you know it.. :)

  • Vertigo is a symptom of Menière's. Horrid, isn't it, the way it just sneaks up on you and disrupts your life for a bit?

  • Vertigo is so horrible! Have you had a diagnosis? My GP got me to do various movements and then checked my eye movements to see that it was vertigo (rather than Labyrinthitis or Meniere's) she then some exercises to do to get rid of it. The version I have is apparently caused by tiny particles which get into the wrong place in the inner ear - the exercises make the particles go back out of the way!

    Rest also helps me - and keeping hydrated.

    Good luck - you wil

    Be back out there soon. X

  • Thanks for the support guys, last night I slept much better and no room spinning thank goodness because I felt so sick with it! Sooooooo today I'm dragging my 11 year old twins with me much to their disgust. I don't feeeeel it right now and I think it's going to be tough but I know I will feel much better after 31 mins of pain 😂😳

  • Glad you had a better sleep last night Titch121 if you feel up for it, I bet you will feel better after a run, always works for me!! ;)

  • Wrong Titch welshgirl84 Im Titch121 but @titchy21 is a smudge taller than me. Confused ...

  • God!!!! I certainly am confused 😵 I shall have to pay close attention to this

  • Me too, I kept reading things and thinking I didnt write that then realising it wasnt me. Ive put my pic on to see if that helps.

  • Haha yes 😄 If I get onto the computer I shall do the same as pics can't be added from a tablet yet lol x

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