Sore shins

When I started this lark a couple of weeks ago I knew that the front of my shins got sore but it seems to have got worse. Saw something about shin splints so off I went to investigate & am now thoroughly fed up as I think that is the problem & I seemed to be doing so well. Need to rest up :-( although supposed to be doing 3 days walking next week. Any advice please?


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  • Take things easy! :) Okay. I'm not an expert but just want to share my experience. Week one, two and three, my calves and shins felt like they were literally on fire and going to explode. I read everything I could, came across shin splints, came across the fact that heel striking can make the front of your legs hurt; came across the fact that running too much on your toes strains your calves; came across advice to drink lots before a run, stretch after a run, use anti-inflammatory gel, see a GP (all of this before I joined this forum at week 5). My head was spinning! In the end I struggled through to week 5 (it did gradually improve after week 3) using Ibuprofen gel an hour before each run and drinking loads of water. Since joining the forum in week 5, I realise my legs were simply not ready for this sudden exercise regime and I was trying to jog like people I'd seen people jog in the park - far too fast and heavy for a beginner! As soon as I slowed down following advice on here (and I do mean slow) and also tried to land my feet correctly (under my hips), the leg pain gradually went. I still have achey legs after a run, but just achey, not like the pain that brought tears to my eyes before. I did have a five day break in one of my attempts at week 5, which really helped at the time too. I don't know if any of this is any help. It's just information really. Hope against hope it calms down for you too. Take extra rest days if you need to (I didn't realise that was allowed 'til week 5!) Good luck. Good running and take things slow and easy :)

  • Thank you! Hubby is off for the next 2 weeks & apart from 3 days walking next week have nothing strenuous planned so will see how I feel. Slow is the way to go :-) and I am determined not to give in.

  • Are you walking really fast? If I walk too fast my shins ache terribly.

  • No, I know Laura says a brisk pace but after I have run I am just glad I can keep going :-D Do know what you mean about shins aching if you walk ridiculously fast though.

  • I had really bad shin pain weeks 1 & 2 and I think McFitty is right was my body complaining about all this sudden exercise and my brain telling me I was usain bolt and should be running like a "runner"! On the advice of this forum, I slowed right down (and I mean right down) and kept my stride short and I kept 3 days sometimes 4 days between runs. Now my shins don't hurt at all. I still have achey calves when I run but that's just my body still complaining. Again, this isn't advice (I'm not qualified) but it's what happened to me. Good luck :-)

  • Thank you. Think I will try W3R1 tomorrow but s...l...o...w...l...y! 2 of you saying the same thing makes it seem very reasonable in my eyes, particularly as I want to keep going & not lose the momentum I have :-)

  • When I run and my faithful dog is on a lead (in sight of horses) he WALKS beside me - that's how slow I am πŸ˜‚ But I am still running and I was advised (again by this wonderful forum) that this is about stamina not speed and that you need to build strength. Good luck and keep posting to let us know how you get on :-)

  • I've definitely found that I get shin pain if I run or walk too fast, or if my stride is too long, or even if I wear heavy shoes or boots (lookin' at you, hiking boots). As McFitty says, landing your feet under your hips/shoulders is widely regarded as "correct" technique.

  • Think I do manage to land with feet under hips, certainly aiming for that.

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