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Terrible run. Could it be my shoes?

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I'm one of those strange birds that likes to come out in the evening but I ran this morning. Had little energy and kept stopping. Half way round the darned hip went again. Had to half jog home against the wind with the sun in my eyes. I'm wondering if my shoes may be to blame for this recurrence? My hip was fine when I was on the programme. Since I've been going it alone it's been playing up. Longer distances? I did have gait analysis and was recommended Brooks Adrenaline GTS to correct my gait but they're £90! Bit much to see if they work!

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Have you tried to source them online? eBay, Amazon? You can sometimes pick them up a good bit cheaper xx

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JenwrenarmGraduate in reply to Saruma

Yes I did Saruma, thanks. There were some a bit cheaper but not in my size sadly :-(

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misswobbleGraduate in reply to Jenwrenarm

I've seen some for £24.99 on Sportsshoes.com Maybe these are an earlier version of a current shoe. It's the Adrenaline though

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JenwrenarmGraduate in reply to misswobble

Yes, I think they're an earlier 'model'. Thank you! Again, not my size unfortunately. Do all runners have big feet like me?!

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misswobbleGraduate in reply to Jenwrenarm

I was told that if you can find an event near you, say a 10 k etc, that running shops have trade stands there and that you can pick up last years model shoes at much reduced rates

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JenwrenarmGraduate in reply to misswobble

Oh really? That sounds promising! Thank you!


The only piece of kit that I've spent any real money on are my shoes. I figure that they're the bit between me and the road, so I need to get them right. The rest of my stuff is just whatever happens to be on special offer anywhere I find it. I had the same gate analysis and consequently bought the very same shoes you speak of. All I can say is that they work for me, and I'd never go back to cheap trainers.... But in all honestly I still get the odd bad run!

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I bought myself some proper shoes (similar price), which was a commitment for me. My cheap (£25-00) trainers were starting to feel a bit soft. New shoes were great, really good. I have had a few problems since though, shin splints, hip (psoas) problems. I have now been to see an Osteopath/Physio. who has straightened me out, and got me running comfortably again. One thing he has done is to modify my insoles with some stick on pads at the arch of my feet. The idea being I will see how I go with these, then maybe buy some proper orthotics. Might be worth a look at your insoles to ensure you have proper support on your arch. (Take the insoles out, and stand on them on the floor. You will need to get someone else to look and see if there is a gap or not, as things will move if you bend down).

The verdict, running shoes are great (really comfortable). Modified insoles are working so well, I am pronating a lot less, and my ankles feel great. Hip is great too. I am going to buy some orthotics in the new year.

- I think I have said this before, but our legs are a long complicated mechanical chain. A small problem in one place can manifest itself as a problem elsewhere. One side of the body will compensate for the other (odd, but I had a sore left ankle, and bad right hip :-)). All better now

Good luck, and I hope you get this sorted. I know how frustrating this can be.

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would your local running shop let you buy and try, if you run on a treadmill to see how they are, and if they don't do the job then you can return them? I heard that some shops will do that, but I'm not sure which ones. Alternatively, if you can get into one of the cities where there is a big running shop that will let you try various shoes on their treadmills (my local shop has one, I think).

It may be that you ramped up the distance too quickly. If you don't already, I recommend you take up yoga (or pilates) to build some strength and stamina in all your muscles and help your alignment, all of which should support your running, aid recovery and help keep you injury free.

Hope it is sorted soon x

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MatpGraduate in reply to vixiej

Sweatshop give you a month to decide if the shoes are right for you.

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Hi Jen I would look on the price of good shoes as being cheaper than a hip replacement! Like Rob and Nerdio the only kit I spent real money on was my shoes and I have never regretted it for a minute. I always think in horsey terms (as some may have noticed) and the old saw 'No foot, no horse' has been my guiding motto.

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Thanks all. I think there is a sweatshop in Brighton so it makes sense to perhaps go with a money back guarantee.

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