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Back to the Beginning

Well I took my running clothes on holiday with me, and had them out once. It was way too hot for me to run, so well done to those of you who do manage a holiday run. I instead resorted to 1000 metres in the pool most days, and walking. Lots of French towns are walled and pedestrianised, so there was lots of walking.

There was however also lots of eating and drinking, so standing on the scales I was concerned that I may have put on a lot of weight after losing a decent amount so far. However Saturday's review of the situation was good news. Two pounds and hopefully this morning's exercise will begin moving that and more.

Being away allowed me to review where I am at with my running. I've tried the stamina and speed podcasts and I'm just not there yet. Both left me in pain and out of breath. However I had noticed I was beginning to move a little faster with the weight coming off. The feet are lifted higher, and that 5K draws ever closer.

Most of my running has involved shuffling my feet along the ground, so my review had me think we not start at the beginning again this time. This time I wouldn't be worrying about dying while trying to move, but instead might begin to pull a little more speed because I was confident about lifting my feet.

So today I'm back at week 1, and I'm happy with that decision. Those one minute runs were sprints, and for the first time I really felt like a runner. I'm not going to get bored as I was using the C25K app, which has not been reliable in recent week. So I'm using the podcasts and instead I get to laugh along with Laura's music choices. If I do get bored with a week, I have an advantage on a beginner, I can simply move on. Hopefully on this second time through (for this year) I may even make it to 5K.

And yes I'm remembering there is a Parkrun at the end of the road I could be taking part in - but it still has one almighty hill climb as the run draws to a close.

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You could look for a flatter Parkrun location. There will be several fairly close by I reckon. Or leave it a bit til you've had time to do some hill practice. Or just go for it, and tackle the hill nice and slowly. That's the way to get up them.

Shuffle runs are ok, don't knock em. Picking your feet up is hard when you're tired. It will come eventually but you just have to keep plugging away. You'll get there. Just keep finding new routes and your runs will stay fresh. Have fun!


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