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I haven't run since last Thursday when I particularly struggled through a 30 minutes which felt uncomfortable around the ankle area. It wasn't a sharp pain so just thought it was muscular, didn't want to let the gremlins win telling me I was hurting more than I was. Big mistake!

Happened to be seeing the doctor on Monday about something else so asked him about it and fobbed it off ("runners get aches and niggles, give it a week and go for a run, see how it feels"). Didn't believe him and am certain I know the difference between 'niggles' and proper pain/injury so my boyfriend suggested (and treated me to) seeing a sports physio he's been to before about a football injury.

She was great, very thorough, but basically she ended up diagnosing some long thing I can't pronounce and saying it will be 4-8 weeks rest. I'm absolutely gutted as I was being careful the last month consolidating those 30 min runs and hadn't increased distance much at all. She said it was mainly down to my cheap shoes (I literally got the injury 3 days before my gait analysis, so frustrating :( ) so the moral of the story is have a GAIT ANALYSIS and buy PROPER SHOES to avoid injury!

So I'm feeling miserable that I won't be able to run for a while and worried about losing my fitness. Any advice on managing injury recovery and keeping sane/fit without being able to run? :(

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  • Noooo! How absolutely gutting but how fortunate you got to see a decent physio before you damaged it any more. Has she given you exercises or anything to help maintain flexibility etc? Is there anywhere you can swim to keep up the exercise without any pressure? I really feel for you and also I'm now really worried about my cheap shoes! Especially as number one son has told me I over pronate on my left foot (and I have niggles with my left knee) - where did you go to have your gait analysis done? Big hug!

  • Thank you. She said that there's no specific exercises will help unfortunately. Just rest, icing it as much as possible and anti inflammatory gel. I think I will look into swimming and maybe aqua fit classes perhaps.

    Yes, she literally said that poor shoes don't support your feet enough, particularly if your gait is a little odd, and if they're old shoes (even a few months old) then they get worse and worse at supporting your feet. I would get one done as soon as possible, just to be safe! We have a local independent sports shop which did charge Β£20 for the gait analysis (but you get the money deducted from the shoes you buy if you go back within six months). It was all very scientific so I didn't mind paying to be honest. A lot of places apparently do it for free. Sounds like it'd definitely worth doing. If only I'd done it sooner :(

  • I'm sorry to read that melly. Was it tibial tendonitus? Whatever it was, it will get better and you're now a fully fledged runner because you've been injured. It happens to all of us, sadly.

    Keep sane by doing lots of upper body exercises and stretching. Can you cycle or row? Either of those will keep your fitness up but check with your physio first. You can also work on your glutes which will benefit you when you return to running.

    When I was on the IC (for 12 weeks!) I kept coming on here because it kept me in touch with what everyone was up to and I still felt like a runner. You could pick up the mantle of doing some research and posting daily snippets for us. It was great fun!

    Take care and keep the faith. Once you're a runner you're always a runner so you will be back and stronger than ever. I promise.

  • She explained what it was so going by the description I think it was peroneal tendonosis. Down to the fact I land on the outside of my feet with stress on the tendon behind my ankle and the shoes weren't supporting it. Luckily it shouldn't recur once it's healed and I get some proper shoes.

    I don't have a bike but like the idea of rowing, might have to look into that further. That and swimming perhaps.

    Thanks for the advice and reassurance :) I will definitely stick with the forum because I'm so worried about not getting back to the running after a while off so coming here will keep me motivated for sure. If I find any interesting running info I will definitely share!

  • We'll all be here for you melly 😊

  • Thank you!!! :)

  • So sorry to read this. Best wishes for a fast and complete recovery. I don't know enough to offer advice really, but swimming is reckoned to be teh best exercise of all in that it works every muscle and is aerobic, plus it is zero-impact so you might want to check into that. Just think about it this way also though - isn't it rather marvellous really that we go from lounging on the couch to upset that we are not able to go on a long run? Your injury will heal and you will be back out there with us and more than likely feeling a new joy in running because of the enforced absence. Something to look forward to I warrant :) Best wishes and do take good care of yourself :)

  • Thank you! You're certainly right - I wouldn't have believed that a number of months ago I'd be upset with not being able to run. I will certainly be doing virtual runs between posts on the forum for the next four weeks!

  • Aw our lovely Melly, Big hugs for you (((( )))

    So sorry to read this, just when you were looking around for some new runners as well !

    I hope the time on the IC goes super speedy for you.

    Your posts are always so positive and upbeat so I am sending lots of those positive vibes right back atcha !

    You will be back, of that I have no doubt . As sure as eggs are eggs and Mellys are errr Mellys , you shall return ! :-)

    Take care and get yourself comfy on the IC , but not too comfy if you know what I mean ;-) xxx

  • Thanks Poppy, that made me giggle. Needed those hugs earlier but reading some of the recent forum posts picked me up a bit :)

    I feel like this forum has definitely made me into a more positive person, most definitely!

    I'm determined not to get too comfy and get back to it (gradually) in style in a few weeks.

    If you could take me on your runs with you in the meantime I would be very grateful!

  • Of course , my pleasure ! :-) xxx

  • Awwww Melly, that's really sucky. Can't give you any advice but sending virtual hugs (if that's not to forward) xx (it's the martini speaking!!)

  • A hug solves everything, thanks Polly!

  • Oh Melly, I am so , so sorry to hear that. Sending you lots of healing vibes and energy from DenmarkπŸƒπŸ’–πŸ’¨

  • Appreciative of the vibes, Iben! Hopefully they'll help me on the road to recovery.

  • How frustrating for you melly, but stay positive and that time will soon pass and you will get back towhere you were. I sustained a nasty calf tear last year when I was at week 8 (I wasn't even running at the time!) I couldn't run for about 10/11 weeks and then had several false starts back...but I worked hard and built my distance up again slowly and graduated in the autumn. Injuries happen and are sadly part of the journey. But running is a change for life and there are plenty more runs ahead!πŸ˜€. Fingers crossed that your ankle settles soon.

  • Wise words and advice. Thank you, Sandra!!

  • Sorry to hear you will be on IC for a while. Such a good idea to see that physio or you could have made it much worse. I guess most GPS are just not specialised enough for these kind of injuries. Hope it all mends asap.

  • I agree, it was the right decision to go to a specialist for sure. The poor doctor was probably under so much pressure to get me in and out in 5 minutes that he thought I'd come back later if it continued.

    Thank you, I'm hoping it'll be better quickly too!

  • I will take you with me on my next run. Rest up and Enjoy some swimming maybe?

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