Couch to 5K

The quest keeps you motivated!

If you haven't already joined..after should have a look :)

REALFOODICLUB has it pinned on the right.

I have been struggling to keep motivated after graduation.. I then had a rfl to keep training for.. after that thought I deserved a week off.. then in set the gremlins and was 8 days later before I made myself get up and go :(

Then the post of a new 6 weekly quest was thankfully posted. Reading everyone's goals for the next six weeks really helped me focus.. :) was so glad I did as on my next run I got a 3k pb shaving a full min off each!

It was just what I needed to remind me how great it is to be out there running :)

So go on give it a go x

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I'm glad you're 'back on it' x

I did wonder how things worked after a race goal.

I have 3 races booked up between September and next May so I'm planning to allow myself a few days rest after but hoping that each one will be enough of an incentive to keep going.

This running malarkey has put a whole different taint on 'good weather' for me. Waking up on a run day to full blown heat has annoyed me and put me off far more than the rainy days ;)

I guess we're still very early days so these natural ebbs and flows in effort and willpower will be learned and hopefully we'll see ourselves through them.

As always, the forum is always great support for that aim :)

Happy running xx

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Thanks for the shout out, I'm glad it's working for you, the reason I started them was I felt exactly the same and it's also fun to chat on the weekly quest post to the other questers. If you've graduated feel free to join anytime, you can set your own goals and work at what ever you want towards your health and fitness. The only reason I ask that you've graduated is because I would never get In the way of Laura's training but when you've finished please feel free to join.

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Great post sparky and I totally agree. I've been on most of the quests since RFC first posted them and they really do keep me motivated as they make me accountable. I also love seeing how others are doing and it's great following everyone's quest.

I didn't join the last quest and really missed it!

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