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Week 9 run 2, only ran 4k

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Week9 run 2 complete, but my Fitbit tells me I have only run 4.25km. I must be going so slow. Is it reasonable to expect to complete 5k in 30 mins for a newbie?

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its not about speed at this point, i completed my last run on monday and at 15mins had run 2km at 30mins 4km took 37 mins for me to reach 5km, I'm still overjoyed the programme is about being able to run for 30 mins distance will come, good luck with your graduation run :)


Very many of us don't reach 5k at this stage and it doesn't matter a bit. In fact I have never run my 5k in 30 minutes and I am nearly 3 years in!

We are all different depending on our fitness, age gender. The programme gets us to 30 minutes of running - plenty of time to speed up or extend your distance later.

You're doing great!


Don't beat yourself up Lardlegs, I graduated a year ago and I struggle to do 5k in 40 minutes! As Clawmun says, it's about running for 30 minutes. Don't compare your performance with others, you're doing this for you, no-one else. Remember how you felt in week 1 and how far you've come since then? Be proud of your achievements, you're just one run away from Graduation and we're waiting for you at the Finish line, now go for it, that shiny Graduation badge awaits, wear it with pride!


As many of us keep saying, it should be called "Couch to 30 minutes". After all, Laura's telling you to run for certain amounts of time, no? But anyway, well done and keep going! You'll be at 5k soon enough :-)

Not acheivable by most. It is running 30 minutes that count not covering 5k. I graduated weeks ago and take longer than 30mins to cover 5k. Dont worry about speed at this stage. You are doing great😊


Agree with the others - you are doing brilliantly, congratulations on getting this far. Best of luck with your graduation run - enjoy.


I graduated last year and am relatively fit. My comfortable 5k pace on a good day is 32/33 minutes. You're doing great. Be proud and enjoy yourself!


That's actually really good for this point in the programme! I pushed on for the 5k on my graduation run and did it in 39.20 but then went back to running 30 minutes and can still only run 4k in 30 minutes. If you feel like pushing for that 5k just this once on your graduation then I (quietly so as not to offer bad advice & incur the wrath of the others) say go for it. Otherwise you can work up to it after graduation. Well done for getting so far! Enjoy that last run!

Wk 9 run 3 completed and feeling great , even at week 4-5 I never thought 30 mins was achievable. Next goal 5km and to lose weight!

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Amazing, congratulations on your graduation!!!!!


Congratulations! Well done you! You need to collect that badge.!


Well done! Happy running fellow Graduate.

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