Rhomboid runs again

So, after a lot of tumultuous times, I am finally able to get out and do a bot of cardio again. went out early yesterday morning with the dog and to my pleasant surprise found it much less dreadul than I anticipated. I was expecting to be gasping and wheezing after a hundred yards but it was not too bad at all. Just did a cheeky 5k to ease back in and admittedly the uphill stretch at the end was a bit of a grind, but managed to be just sub 27minutes.

And then i woke up this morning and OMG my quads! Haha! Been a long time since I had DOMS from a 5k, but now it all comes back to me. The horror! The horror!

Still, it feels great to be back in the game. And of course I manage to coincide it with a heatwave, but heyho, Rhomboids don't stop.


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25 Replies

  • Wow, sounds good to me and well done on getting out there again. Time looks good to slow old me! Hope life isn't throwing you so many lemons now, good to hear from you, x

  • That's good to hear Rig.

    Obviously haven't lost it! You'll need a bit of time just for you in amongst all the turmoil so I hope the running restores and fortifies - even if it does take its toll on the quads!

  • Hi Rig ! Yeee-arrr !

    Great to see you back on here again, I am so pleased that you are back running . 27 minutes for a 5k -Hmmm not bad ( I am joking :-)

    I have often wondered how you were getting on , it is good to know that youre out there again, and long may it continue !

    We love ya Man ! :-D xxx

  • Great to hear things are settling down for you. Welcome back :-).

  • Lunges Rig!!!!!!!

    Welcome back.

  • "just did a cheeky 5k to ease back in...' I hate you man! LOL :) Just joking - I'm inspired when I read things like that. not only reaching the ability to run 5K but seeing that the joy is still there :) Have a great rest of the day :)

  • Oh a happy... well not dance, I tried the NHS belly dancing class whilst you were away and it was a mess, but a happy 10 more squats to see you back.

  • Welcome back Rig, and we've missed you (just like you've missed your DOMS).

    But you didn't post a DILF photo... I'd got used to seeing your posts with photos. Don't let us down!

    Everyone: 'LIKE' this post if you want more photos of Rig. :-)

  • I wish I could "like" this post a thousand times ! :-D xxx

  • Great to see you back...:)

  • Welcome back Rig

  • Welcome back, glad your feeling up to it again. Be kind to yourself and ease your body into it.

  • Don't you go and get yourself a muscle injury by overdoing your come back now will you!!

    Sub 27 minutes!!! In the heat and after a break. Wow.

  • Get some squats done man!!!!!

    Great to see you back Rig. ☺x

  • I just love that word "tumultuous " , its a top word ! :-) xxx

  • Great to see you're back out there ... I did a cheeky 5k this morning a 8:00 and Garmin reported the humidity at 100% ... well that's my excuse anyhow!!

  • Great to see you back! I had DOMS in my glutes and ankles, both legs, after my Week One one-minute shuffles x 8 on Saturday. It's hilarious. Do take it easy though!

  • Fantastic news that you're back running again TT. It's a wonderful feeling after such a long stint on the IC, isn't it?

    I've just finished W1 again, this time with my daughter. No shuffling involved, just flat out sprinting from me and languid loping from leggy offspring. xx

  • Hey Rig, welcome back. Great to hear you're back in the metaphorical saddle. A sub 27min 5k is the stuff of dreams for most of us, so hats off to you my friend, you've been missed :)

  • Welcome back! Sounds. Great run!

  • Glad to see you back and out there beating my PB in one foul swoop!!!!! Good that you're back on track😊😆

  • I was thinking of you this morning and wondered when you'd be back and here you are! In top form and still sore 😉

  • I do not check this forum as often as I did in the past and I have just come across your posts. I am very glad to see that you are well and able to run again. Phew!

  • Good man! Great that you're back 😊

  • Rig returns 😍

    Welcome back Rig, take it steady ☺🏃 xx

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