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Taken the plunge

After months of saying I was going to I have finally decided to join in and last night I completed my first jog/walk round the local park. Had dog in tow so sometimes I did have to jog on spot when dog was sniffing around during my 60 second jog and sometimes I had to walk very fast during the 90 second walk when dog wanted to run but I survived. Did others do the first week every other day or three consecutive days.

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Welcome aboard Catmeer congrats on starting. The C25K programme is set up to have rest days in between runs so that muscles have time to repair. if you run on consecutive days there is a greater chance of injury. Having said that the first run is the hardest so well done.


Thanks manofkent62. I shall welcome a rest day today then and go out again tomorrow.


well done! as much as I like dogs, it's best leaving them at home, so you can concentrate properly on c25k, you need to keep the pace slow & steady. You should only do every other day, the rest days are very beneficial..😊


Yes it was a bit of a hindrance having the dog with me but I was trying to kill two birds with one stone as I knew when I got back from the run the dog wouldnt stand a hope in hell of getting a walk

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I run with my dog, you just need to make it clear what you expect. During the warm up, she can sniff and do her business, during run times she can't do either. Now I've graduated we run off road so she's off the lead, but during C25K I needed a flat surface so she had to be on the lead, hence after the run we always had a play (there are loads of open spaces where I live), this was her time at the end of my time. I used a harness when running with her so she knew we were going for "my" run, I use a collar when taking her for "her" walk so she knows the difference. It only took a few outings for her to understand and now she behaves brilliantly. If you keep running with her, I would recommend a hands free running dog lead/belt


Well done you for getting started!

It's essential to have a rest day between runs but other than that it's up to you if you want to run every other day or leave two days between runs (or mix it up a bit). You need to complete the three runs of each 'week' but they don't necessarily have to fit into a calendar week. Sometimes life just gets in the way and it might be two or even three days between runs. From around Week 6 onwards I was needing at least two rest days between runs as my muscles were too sore or tight and I didn't want to risk injury. Every other day should be enough, especially early on. You'll soon end up like the rest of us though and missing the runs on rest days so you'll be itching to get out there every other day!

It really is the best programme! Do keep us informed of your progress! :)


Thanks melly4012

Just wish Id found this site sooner. Its been so motivating reading everyone elses achievements

Have told myself that once I get to week 3 and prove I am going to stick with it then I shall treat myself to some new trainers as I feel my knees may suffer with the ones I have.

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It's the best place on the internet - there are so many encouraging and inspirational people here!

I haven't done it yet myself but people suggest a gait analysis from a sports shop when you get new shoes which can make all the difference. Could be worth doing if you're going to buy some new shoes anyway.

Shoes are just the beginning! Buying running clothes, accessories, GPS watches, etc gets as addictive as the running!


Well done for getting started - often the hardest bit. I'd love to run with a dog, but I can understand that it would be difficult for them to get the hang of what is expected. New for both of you!

Rest days are really important for avoiding injury and for muscle repair, so don't be tempted to skip them. A good stretching regime after runs is a a great habit too.

Enjoy, and keep us posted on your progress!


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