A hard and uncomfortable 5K


It wasn't fast, it wasn't hot, it wasn't a high cadence - no idea why it felt so hard. Legs felt like concrete, breathing was fine but nothing seemed to click.

I tried to stay in the easy/aerobic zone but I ran out of steam towards the end of the run (checkout that decline on my cadence ;-)) and kept oscillating between aerobic and threshold so the 'time in zones' is a bit skewed.

Oh well - a 5K - I'll take it :-)

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  • Actually, I have just realised it is almost a week since I last ran (pesky life getting in the way) which included a few sleepless nights so maybe it is to be expected.

  • I had " cement " legs last week on a 7k I did !

    I thought it was because it was so muggy and plus I hadn't drunk enough water .

    Sometimes there's just no ryhme or reason to it , Yatesy .

    5k is still 5k though, Well done :-) xxx

  • Thanks poppypug, glad it isn't just me :-).

  • Looks good to me! (No idea what all those stars mean really) x

  • 20C is quite warm and probably made things a bit more difficult. Hard runs are there to test us - but usually you can find something good about them! Well done on 5k.

  • Glad it's not just me with the leaden legs yesterday! Put it down to a combo of a two day break, over indulgence at the weekend, not enough water and the humidity. Well done on your 5k.

  • Yeah sometimes your legs feel all at odds. Sometimes though they decide to co-operate as the run develops but yours was too short so it was all over before you hit your stride. Maybe next time it will all fall into place

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