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No intervals, questions, lessons learnt, new goals and week 7 done!

Week 7 is now complete!! 🎉

After the struggles of week 6, week 7 has been relatively easy so for those who are struggling with the W5R3 20 minute run and loosing intervals at the last run on week 6 let me tell you it is possible. No matter how impossible it may feel the program does work as I'm sat here lost for words. I struggled with the last part of week 6 thinking I'd never get to week 7 and here I am about to go onto week 8!

After the blisters in the early weeks, the over stretched ligaments in my knee twice, troubles breathing and gremlins tripping me up, I think I've finally started to understand how this game works. Correct footwear is a must, proper socks are amazing and slowing down can work wonders when struggling! Never did I ever think in the early weeks that I'd run for 25 minutes but I've done it three times in the past week and enjoyed it. I still had enough left in the tank to run the last two minutes again too. And for those who turn into a beetroot with white bits, I've found this has reduced as I've progressed. Less beetroot and more radish looking! 😂

I do have a question for those runners further into their running. I've found a comfortable speed in which to jog. I wouldn't call it a run and can quite happily keep going without my legs feeling as if they will collapse so should I speed up slightly and push myself a little or carry on as I am and eventually go for distance once the program ends? I'm not going to cover 5km in the graduation run of 30 minutes but could probably get 4km. I'm a forward planner who loves goals (and spreadsheets to track progress 🙈) so with only 4 runs left and a little over a week I need a new goal to focus on. Currently running 3km in about 24 minutes which I know isn't fast but I'm not walking! Do do I go for distance or speed?

I said I was going to treat myself when I graduated, now it's close I best get looking. I was thinking of a Fitbit or something that will track heart rate, calories, distance etc as I'm going to get myself outside now I know I'm not going to drop down like a sack of spuds. Any suggestions?

My treat for today was a yummy cold Wispa and boy it was yummy!!

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Well done on your brilliant progress, Trixamme. Slow and steady wins the race.

Don't try to run faster yet. Build up stamina through regular running. Speed? you can focus on that, later, once you've developed enough stamina. Distance, not speed. Always. IMHO, at this point.

Remember Pheidippides? Maybe not. He was the messenger that ran the first marathon. You know the distance. No-one knows the exact time.

Hopefully you see my point. I'm not saying you should aim to run a marathon, but you should very gently build up longer distances in your runs.

Speed is something to hone once you're bored of running a distance that seemed improbable once.


Thank you, this is why I asked and glad you replied. It's crazy how much the body can change in such a short space of time so distance it is. As for getting bored, I've done all of this so far on a treadmill so boredom isn't a problem for me! 😉

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Many of us just went for 5k in the last week, but we didn't do it in 30 mins. I took about 39 mins on my first 5k, others wait till after graduation and take 45 mins. Whatever you're comfortable with. Some want to consolidate their 5k after graduation or just continue running 30 mins. Others want to push on to 10k relatively quickly. Most of us try both and mix things up a bit. I currently do a 5k, a shorter, faster interval run and a longer run (anything between 6 and 10k). If I manage to get 4 runs in a week I might add another 5k at a faster speed than usual. The world is your oyster! But don't overdo it, as new graduates we still need our rest days and it's very easy to get injured. Have fun, you're doing brilliantly!

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Well done... enjoying your journey and that is the main thing.. :)

Just, steady as you go :)

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Well done. I feel like I was exactly like you at this stage. I used to be conscious to complete first two runs of a week at a particularly slow pace (I didn't want to get injured and have to sit out for a couple of weeks) and if they seemed fine then I might up the pace slightly on the last run of the week or in the last 5-10 minutes of the run. You'll have your whole running life ahead of you to work on speed and, if you're anything like me, then you'll need a plan and something to work on after graduation.

I was also at a similar point to you - covering about 3.6k in a 30 minute run (which I'm still doing a few weeks after graduation). I felt like it would be weeks after graduating until I achieved a 5k. On my graduation run I went out feeling good and decided I would try for the 4k and if I felt ok then push myself for the 5k. I did the 5k in 39.20. Don't put too much pressure on yourself but you could make it on a day you are feeling good. My advice would be, stick to an easy pace until graduation and then the 5k :) Good luck for your last few runs!


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