What would you do?? I started couch to 5k with my 7 year old and signed up to do race for life, 5k, which is this Sunday....I have stuck to the plan and was hoping to run the whole 5k (with a friend who's joined in too) ....however my daughter not surprisingly dropped out pretty quickly but she still wants to do race for life, so that would mean I have to walk with her....so should I just support her and walk/run with her or go it alone as I have done so much hard work to get to this point....

Currently thinking I will have more chances in the future and should support her but feeling a bit disappointed!!!


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  • week 8 day 1 will be the day of the race....

  • My opinion is that there are far more races every year than opportunities to spend some quality time with family; I'd choose walk/run with someone I love without hesitation nor second thought.

  • Thanks for your reply! I agree, quality time is soooooo important but I spend so much more time with her and doing things for her that this running lark was going to be a bit of me time, that's why I started:) but of course I want to support her and it would be amazing if she did it too.

  • Probably it's a case of "you always desire what you don't have". ;)

    Being single and far from my relatives, I have far more "me time" than I actually desire and I cannot imagine anything better than spending time with your family.

    But I come from a rather big family and I completely understand that sometime you need some time for yourself. ;)

    Let us know how your Run for Life goes and, whether you run it alone or walk/run it with your daughter, have plenty of fun! :)

  • I would be tempted to write this Sunday off and do a walk/run with your daughter.

    For me time how about going to parkrun a week on Saturday (or any other Saturday). It's 5K, 9am in the morning (so the other half can look after the kids and you'll be home before anyone realises that you've gone AWOL), it's free and it's available every Saturday. If your daughter wants to sidle in on that stretch of me time, you can legitimately suggest that she does a Junior parkrun on the Sunday.

  • Wise words!

  • I haven't ever witnessed one of these events, but the feeling I get is that being with people is way more important than running. And getting round is more important than running all the way.

    I think one of the poignant things about these races for life is that they are often done with specific people in mind who have lost their battles. Ask any of those types of runner, and I think they'd take walking round the course with their loved one above fulfilling an ambition to run 5k any time.

    Plenty of other opportunities for me time later. Enjoy the event for what it is.

  • Which isn't in anyway intended as a criticism for your feelings or near-frustration - so please don't take it the wrong way!

  • Taken in the absolute best way:) think I got hung up on challenging myself...

  • Thank you all for your wise words! It really helps, I will have time to challenge myself in the future, park run by myself it is and race for life dolled up in pink, galloping/dancing/trotting with lots of of crawling with my daughter:)))) thanks again!

  • Good luck Natasha - make sure you have plenty of fun on Sunday so that your daughter takes after you and grows to love running too!

  • Thanks! Not sure I have a love for running quite yet, but working on it:)

  • I have the exact same problem! I'm doing Race for Life on Sunday with my 10yr old son. I'm due to do W5R3 on Sunday so was hoping to do the whole 20 mins as part of it....I'm not sure he'll manage it though!

    Wise words from the others, I'll just play it by ear and see how we go. Good luck with your run and make sure you have fun!!

  • Tricky one hey! Good luck to you both:) where are you running? I'm doing the Taunton one.

  • Manchester! Fingers crossed it stays dry! x

  • What about doing the Exeter one on your own the week after? :-)

  • I think you may need to grit your teeth and run/walk with your daughter for the Race for Life, but could you find yourself a park run or other 5k to do the following weekend, when you could put all your training to good use?

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