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Second start to first week

Hiya! I started C25K 4-5 weeks ago. Did the first two runs and felt great - I was even looking forward to the third run (something I NEVER thought would happen!).

Then... I went and got a dental abscess. I couldn't even move my head let alone run, so there I was - going nowhere. Took around 20 days and a tooth extraction to fix it. Then we went on holiday for a week.

So... today I'm back back back! Did my W1R1 this morning, and despite my husband and me working shifts (and having a nearly three-year-old to look after) I've found opportunities for three runs a week for at least the next four weeks.

Fingers crossed I make it out of week one this time!!

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Good luck - you go for it!


You can do it! We're all behind you.


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