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A big shout and and thank you to Ju-ju (JuicyJu)

Thank you sooooooooo much your a star.

I love the way this community means so much to us all and we all work together to make it the lovely environment that it is.

The wedding went went well I got in at 2am. The rain came in the afternoon but everybody was under their big tent by then. Just got to go back this afternoon for clear up but apart from that I will be back to normal duties.

A big thank you to all of you for helping look after the site.

Rfc X.


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JJ did a fab job as they were here again yesterday. But she dealt with them as only a panther can! Glad the wedding went well RFC. I'm sure you're knackered.

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Just the same as Irishprincess said: ju-ju- did a magnificent job. Glad all went well for the wedding, hope the clearing up isn't too onerous xx


A www Thankyou... They are absolute bu**ers aren't they??!! So glad it went well and I hope you manage to get some sleep!!! 😎


She was are you. They are absolute pains, these spammers.!

Glad your day went well,we all thought about you :)


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