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A beautiful morning to get out and go for a run. It felt good to feel the warmth of the morning sun on my back as I ran. I was pleased with my pace it was nice and slow and I know that I had plenty left in the tank should I need it and that I could have kept running at that pace a lot longer. I did not up the pace towards the end. That can come later. If at all. It is all about going out for a run and enjoying it. I am not training for the next Olympics.

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It is lovely here again this morning too, almost tempted after your post, to go out..but, non-run day today and our rest is important

Well done you for going out,I can feel that sun's warmth. A wonderful start to the day ? Onward and upward:)


Love your style Nightingale! 👏


It is a beautiful morning. So nice to feel it warm when stepping out! I did W3R2 also, but didn't have a great deal left in the tank at the end so well done you!! Got a niggle in my right knee this week and I'll be gutted if it means I can't run on Fri as I'm so enjoying it. Nice to know someone's at the same stage as me :)

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Well done Nightingale. Sounds like you have the perfect attitude to get you through the program 😄


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