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Week 4 Run 3

That's week four completed. Still the same as earlier in the week. Running parts easier than the walking. Still got this ache/uneasy feeling in my left hip. It feels right in at the joint and is more aggravating than sore, but is sore too.

Does anyone know of any excersises/stretches that may relieve this. Apart from this the rest of me seems to be holding up ok. I would just like to try something to see if this can get better before stepping up even more with week 5.

Thanks in advance 😄

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I have no idea what you can do to relieve it, but I'm sure others have good suggestions. I just wanted to say that I think you should get it sorted out before you progress, so you don't end up injured. An injury is such a frustration set-back while you are doing the programme.

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Congrats on completing week 4 but have no advice to give regarding hips. All I'd say is listen to your body.

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