Can't believe I've done it :-)

Wk9R3 - Complete! I am still in total shock that me (with the extra love handles) has managed to finish the program. Just goes to show that with a bit of determination anything is possible.

I only have to think of Wk1R1 of huffing and puffing and needing oxygen after one minute, as to where I stand today. Totally overwhelmed by it, a big thank you to all my fellow runners who have kept me going and not forgetting JayBeeToo I'm at the finish line and I'm waiting for you! Happy Running to you all B-) x


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  • Well done - congratulations on finishing! It is a great sense of achievement isn't it?

  • I am so chuffed I don't think I will sleep tonight! I've just read your post looks like you have done amazingly well. Well done you, the post could come in very useful to me, in a few weeks.....happy running.

  • Congratulations. Very well done, you have every right to feel proud and delighted with your progress and achievements. Happy running :)

  • All your words of encouragement have really helped. Thank you.

  • Many congratulations. We are all capable of so much more than we think and C25k just proves that. Well done and enjoy your running.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • I think I will be smiling in my sleep. I am definitely going to keep running , even if I am not the fastest!

  • That is brilliant - very well done.


    Hopefully, I'll be joining you tomorrow!

  • Hey if I can do it so can you. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow, you CAN do it. Make sure you post me, I've got congratulations on standby :-)

  • Where is your GRADUATE badge ????? :)

  • The Graduate badge should appear soon.....,thanks for your post!

  • Congratulations on completing your c25k. A great achievement and a massive well done ;)

  • Thank you! Even got my graduation badge now! Yippee

  • And very spiffing it looks too :)

  • Whoop whoop! Great feeling isn't, Whats next?

  • Still getting over the shock of completion. I might read some of the graduation posts to see where I run to from here.

  • Wooooohoooo, congratulations, it is such a great should feel very proud of yourself.

  • I'm feeling well happy today! Be interested to know how all you graduates progressed from here?

  • Congratulations. I hope you feel really proud. Now the running adventures begin!

  • Feeling really PROUD x

  • That's excellent. Well done. You must be so proud of yourself.

  • I am well proud and even smiling while working!

  • Congratulations. You are right to feel very proud of yourself. All of that hard work pays off and although you probably didn't believe it 9 short weeks ago - look at you now! Well done and enjoy the post-graduation glow (and get your badge)....

    It keeps on getting better too... All the tools you need to do whatever you want with your running you've already got from Laura... Happy running!

  • A BIG 'Thank You' for all your posts. Still well chuffed and even woke up smiling!

  • I'm smiling for you - I remember quite clearly graduation day. It's a big thing - well done..

    As to "what next?" - it's really up to you, but whatever you do - SLOW and STEADY. I would consolidate for the next few weeks though before you decide. By this, I mean just get out for a 30 minute run three times a week... just to build the base for moving up if you want to... get to a Parkrun (they are AWESOME) and just have fun!

    Personally, I worked up to a 10K distance from 5K. I started B210K but there's a LOT of running in that and my body couldn't cope (and I got injured). What I reverted to (thanks to people here) was 2x30 minute runs a week and a longer run once a week, SLOWLY increasing distance and keeping it slow and steady (so, from 5 to 5.5 to 6 to 7 to 8 to 9, etc...) ever so slowly getting to 10K...

  • Thanks for the info Aussie, i am slightly unsure as to where this leads me to. I am not the quickest so your posting will definitely help me. Many thanks ;-)

  • Pace is not important (everyone needs to listen up now)... If you run 5K, you run 5K - whether that takes 17 minutes or 60 minutes - you ran 5K... if you run for 20 minutes and cover 4K or run 20 minutes and cover 2K - you still ran for 20 minutes... if you never run 5K but you run 30 minutes, you ran 30 minutes... Simples!

    There's a theme here - you don't have to run fast, you just have to run... :)

    Whatever you do - enjoy it. And go slow... it's much more fun!

  • Fabulous... A big well done from me :)

  • Thanks juicyju, all your posts mean alot to me ;-)

  • Well done!! I hope to be where you are in 3 runs time!

  • If you feel in 3 runs, what i feel now it will be brilliant. Your very close to the finishing line now, come on you know you can do it!

  • I'm so close I can almost taste it! So fantastic being able to come on here and see all the success stories - gets me out of bed on a run day, knowing everyone else is doing the same!! :-)

  • Well done milan. Congratulations on graduating it really is the best feeling isn't it

  • Thanks for the posting, slightly unsure as to where to go from here as im not the fastest! Any tips would be useful?

  • I'd consolidate with the C25K+ podcasts and then have a look at other plans if you want just make sure you keep up the good work

  • Congratulations - the best thing about graduating is that you realise this is only the beginning!

  • Hey, i can't believe how many fellow runners have congratulated me, its like winning the lottery. Thank you

  • Hi Milan, just want to add my congratulations to you ! You've completed an amazing, life enhancing programme and it feels great doesn't it ? :-)

    Very Well done to you , and all the best for your future running adventures wherever they may take you :-) xxxx

  • Many thanks for taking the time to post me! I'm still happy and smiling x

  • I love the shiny new badge


  • You failed to mention that you did this in just over 7 weeks, lost loads of weeks and did all this with dreadful blisters; you deserve to feel mega proud of yourself x x

  • It's ALL thanks to my best running buddy B-) xxxxxxxx

  • Hi Milan!

    Well done girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Sorry - I know I'm well behind with the times, but t'interweb on hols was neither speedy nor reliable. I will be joining you, eventually! Did no running at all on hols as PapaMia unintentionally put me on the Injury (sun) Bed on day 3 :( Collision coming off the waterslides (his back, my ribs) and I defo came off worst. Nothing to look at initially, but then the bruising came out .... oh boy :D !!!!!! It hurt to laugh, cough, lie down to sleep, move on the sunbed ...... Back home now, and my ribs are definitely easing, so will try another week 7 run on the treadmill on Wednesday, and just take it easy.


  • Hi Mamma Mia

    I did start to wonder where you had got to......yes, I made it to graduation but since then I've torn a tendon near the rotator cuff in my shoulder and being the smart arse that I thought I was, went out and hurt my knee. No running for the last week and feeling fed up although my anti inflammatory tablets have cured my shoulder, fingers crossed. Anyway enough of my moaning. Let me know how Wednesday goes just take it sensible and easy unlike me!

  • Awh, poor you ... gentle, virtual hugs winging their way to you.

    (((((((((( Hugs ))))))))))

    Take it easy honey, and rest up 'till you're mended. Unless there's anything else you can do which won't aggravate either your shoulder or knee, and will keep you sane at the same time?

    Will let you know how I get on on Wednesday.


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