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Wk5 done in Majorca but it wasn't easy !!

Hi all, I have finally managed to complete wk5. My first attempt at run3 was at 8am but I only managed 12mins before I had to stop, this was due to the (1) the area being a wee bit too hilly for my little legs and (2) it was around 28°c . So after a rest day attempt no2 which I tried by going out at 06.00 but again it was the terrain that got the better of me but also it was still warm though not as bad as run1. But I was determined that I would do it before I came home. My hubby suggested I tried in the evening so we went for walks around the area to see if we could find a better route. He pushed our son in his wheelchair and I did a very brisk walk along side him, the only slightly easier route we could find was not one he was happy for me to do on my own. My 3rd attempt was done after 8pm, we all set off together for a brisk 5min warm-up walk and when I started running hubby did short bursts of running whilst pushing the wheelchair. My son who had a stroke at the age of 30 found it absolutely hilarious he laughed to the point of crying and said we were both barking mad,I think he enjoyed it really. So I finally did it the sense of achievement left me dizzy or maybe it was the jug of Sangria we downed between us. We got a few funny looks in the bar, two well dressed men and one very sweaty woman in running bra and shorts. We got back home yesterday all the washing and ironing is done so tomorrow I will be starting week 6 it will depend on the weather as to whether I do it outside (which I prefer) or maybe it will be a trip to the gym and on the treadmill. Have a good weekend everyone.

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Amazing, well done you! How lovely to have such a supportive family and that they could join in with you too! Week 5 is a big hurdle and it's a great achievement to complete it in an unfamiliar place with hills and heat! I am also on holiday and went out running this evening. I would have laughed at anyone who said I would be running a few months ago, let alone running on holiday, but just goes to show how addictive it is and how much the programme changes us. Congratulations!

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Well done - that run is a real milestone - great to be able to do it as a family! Shows great determination to complete while on holiday!


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