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Week 6 run 2 completed

Week 6 run 2 done and dusted

Went out after work and it started to rain and I thought it will keep me cool, did my warm up walk and off I went .

After 1-2 minutes really bad headache that's the 3rd time now , that within a few minutes I'm getting a headache, then I run through what I thought was surface water, it covered my shoes lol.

At least I forgot the headache as I then finished my 10 minutes squelching 😄.........

To cap it all off I did it, I'm dreading week 3 as its 25 minute straight, today's running was lovely, as my breathing was good on the 2x 10 minutes intervals, just I know last week I struggled with 20 minutes even thou I did it.

Will find out Sunday as 2 X 14 hour shifts today and Saturday , so after work Sunday I try to conquer this breathing lark

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You are showing all the attributes of a true runner. Ignoring weather, headaches and floods...... well done, keep going. The only thing you do need to change is your fear of upcoming runs. Fear is negative, causes unhelpful tension and is totally uncalled for. Look how far you have come and believe that you are in control. The very worst that can happen is that you would have to repeat a run if you don't complete it. You will complete it are showing all the attributes of a true runner.

Keep running, keep smiling.


I think IannodaTruffe said it all really. (and I shall listen to his advice too.) Well done tho - you did it and that's the important bit.


Fab stuff and well done. Make sure your shoulders are not tensed as that can cause headaches and keep well hydrated. You have no need to dread any future run. You have made it up to now, you have a brilliant attitude and your body is ready for the next run. Just take it nice and slowly and don't think too much about the breathing thing. It all settles down eventually 😊

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Shoulders are probably real tensed up as stressed out with personal stuff, hoping in time or when I walk away from my home that the stress eases....

But thanks will ensure I drink a good hour before I go out on Sunday


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