W9R1 - feel a bit of a failure

Couldn't find my bluetooth headphones this morning so went out without my music, decided to run around the village instead of my usual route and found that it was only a 20 minute distance (25 including my warm up walk) and couldn't decide where to run for the last 10 minutes so went home. My head definitely wasn't on straight this morning and am feeling very disappointed with myself.


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8 Replies

  • You ran... why be disappointed?. You know what our lovely Laura says, altogether now... " ... a bad run is better than, no run!"

    Many of us have had to find an extra bit of area to run our last minutes in..my particular favourite, up and down the lane, several times, past the cars queuing for the railway crossing...full of bemused drivers!

    I seem, to remember, also, poppypug running around a car park????

    So... put it down to a new experience...now you know! Another day another run! Well done you :)

  • That is very true Oldfloss , it was ASDA haha :-D xxx

  • I had a disappointing run yesterday, too. There are days like that - your phone has a meltdown, your headphone battery runs out, you get a stitch or you just don't feel the love... or even a cocktail of the whole lot if you're unlucky :) Just chuck it in the f**k it bucket and move on - remember when you couldn't even run for a minute? Imagine telling that 'other you' that you're peeved that you "only" ran for 20 minutes. So head up, then head out, run, and smile.... you can be proud of yourself and graduation's on the horizon !

  • Putting it in perspective, I guess you're right :) I feel a lot better now, thanks!

  • There is no such thing as failure, only feedback...

  • It's good to try route exploring, nothing wrong with a short one.

  • Where is the failure? You ran for 20 minutes, how is that a failure? How many minutes did you run 9 weeks ago?

    Looks like success and a trivially small lesson about preparation to me :-)

    So, congrats on your 20 minute run!

  • Oh, no worries! We've all lost it a bit sometimes. Next time will be fine and you'll be better prepared!

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