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Newbie nearer 60 than 50

I am 58 and have just started the 2nd week of couch to 5k but I am repeating the 1st week as I am still getting puffed out, I recently had a health scare and this has made me look at my self and try to get fitter,as I was over 16st but lost 2 st thru illness. Thou It is hard work the buzz of achiviement feels good and the comments on this site realy do help

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Slow and steady...just keep repeating that as you plod on! It really does!

Take it at your won pace.. it does not matter how slow you go :) Well done for taking those first steps, we will support you :)


Hello and welcome :) it seems to have had a bit of a time of things , you have come through that and now doing something positive :)

This program will change things in ways you don't imagine right now , so stick with it . It so works :)

There is nothing wrong with repeating weeks or runs if you feel you need to but each week will push you a little further than the last , is it easy? Nope is it worth it OH Yes :)

You will hear and see the mantra here a lot. Slow and steady and then slower still . It isn't a race so really don't worry about how slow you think you are, it doesn't matter at this point. The aim is to complete the timed runs which you seem to have for week 1.

The rest days are important also to enable your body to rest recover and repair again taking extra rest days is totally ok also :)

We are all here to help, support and guide you if you need it but keep posting your progress and the really important thing now is just enjoy it :D

Good luck and keep at it :)

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As one 58 year old to another, welcome to the programme, it's the best thing ever ☺

Go slowly! That's all you need to remember. Oh, and to enjoy yourself 😊

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Well done for starting and welcome on board x


Yay another 58 year old wahoo welcome & enjoy x


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