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Lots of firsts today

Second time running outside today. Couldn't go out along the seafront again as we are visiting my boyfriend's parents for the weekend so am in a totally unfamiliar city. He helped me to work out a route with a couple of variations and I set off. Middle of the day this time (rather than 10pm at night like my first outdoor run) in front of ACTUAL people who would be able to see me in daylight which I was very nervous about!

When I got going I realised that not only was I having to run in front of actual people but the road that was chosen unbeknownst to me was a busy main road with loads of cars whizzing past! I managed to forget about all the people who were probably laughing at me once suddenly ahead of me was a hill! A HILL! It was probably more of a slight rise than a hill but where I live is totally flat so I totally forgot that different elevations even existed. Luckily the panic released enough adrenaline to get me up and over and then, perfectly timed, the heavens opened and the next first was the rain! How lovely it is to run in the rain (especially after running up a hill)!

I was so busy thinking about all the different things which happen when running outside compared to the treadmill and enjoying all these new surprises that I totally missed Laura telling me to walk and I ended up noticing at about 27 minutes instead of 25. Oops!

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Well done on the run . A hill and rain all in 1 go , top work you should be very proud :)


Fantastic! Outside, cars, people, hill, rain.... And it all went by in a flash! Go, go melly4012 !!


Haha! You've adapted to outside running brilliantly :)


Great stuff Melly !

Youre coming on in leaps and bounds since you ventured outside , Well done you ! :-) xxx


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