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Wk 5..Run 2 (again!!)...hitting a brick wall with my 2nd run!!..Help!!

This is the 2nd attempt of this run..1st 8mins is no problem I find it ok..but when I hit the 4min in ma 2nd 8min run..BANG!!

my body just hits a brick wall and I struggle. A stopped twice the 1st attempt. On the 2nd attempt I stopped once..but my body feels so heavy.

I don't know what to do?

im no giving up..lol

but I just don't know how to concur this ...Help !!..lol

I tried starting my run coming from the other way..if you get my drift..lol

I don't know if its the music on the podcast for this run ..it does put me off a wee bit ..I kinda loose my rhythm..especially as the 2nd run starts..its so dramatic (the music)..no upbeat..aw a don't know.if im just making excuses..


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Find some music you like and try that. No pressure, just enjoy a bit of a jog and I bet you'll find you're at the end of the run before you've even noticed that the time is up. It doesn't need to be pressurised. Chill out a bit and you'll enjoy it more

Keep us up to date


thanks...I know I need to chill out

I hate failure..lol this is the 1st time since I started the programme I have came across this. Not managing to finish what I started

Im enjoying it so much..

oh believe me..I will be shouting from the roofs when I manage my 2x8min runs..lol

thanks for your advice. Much appreciated..jules


It's not failing, it's practice :-)

Stick with it, it doesn't get easier, you just work harder ;-)


thanks. Your right. Just need to stick with it and slow it down and it WILL come together..Jules


If you can run the first 8 minutes, then it's probably a case of pacing yourself and mind over matter.

Try slowing down on the first 8 minutes. You've done the full 8 minutes twice now, haven't you, so you know you can do it. You don't have anything to prove. Just do it SLOWLY. Then "all" you have to do is use the recovery walk to get ready for the next run. Get your breathing sorted and try shaking your arms out to get rid of any stress in your shoulders and arms. Then when the 2nd 8 minute run comes along, start SLOWLY and tell yourself that YOU CAN DO IT. Which you can.

Try not to think about the fact you are meant to be running for a certain length of time. Just put one foot in front of the other and keep going. It doesn't matter how slowly. If both feet are off the ground at the same time then you're running!



half my problem is that I've never had any problems as such on this programme..lol

av always managed to go out run and finish. Feeling amazing that I accomplished my run..

but this one has me..lol

well I am not giving up..am enjoying it so much a finally feel I've found something a really love doing

a actually thought about running for 13mins walking for 5min and running the last 3min to see if that helps as I don't have a problem on my 1st run..i feel I could run longer. But just wanted to get a bit of advice on this before hand

thanks for your advice. Much appreciated..Jules.x


av done it..yes!! woohoo..thanks for your advice. Slowly but a did it..what a feeling..lol


Brilliant! Very well done :)


Yep I agree with runningnearbeirut I would suggest slowing the first 8 minutes down, which will give you the strength and stamina to finish the 2nd 8. You can always speed up towards the end but don't do that too soon, its not a race its all about maintaining a manageable pace. Think positively about your running too, we all have good days and bad days, no run is a bad run though, its better than sitting on the couch. Change your route too if you feel it will help, sometimes we get a hang up about a certain point in a route and the old brick wall appears. Good luck you can do it and you will :)


yea that's what I thought (route) so a changed it a bit see if it helped..it did a bit as I only stopped once.lol

I will try slowing it down on my 1st 8min..this is my rest day so tomorrow will tell...see how it goes.. a will try anything as I really do enjoy running

I wont be beaten on this ..lol

thanks for your advice. Much appreciated..Jules


yes!!! I've done it...took all your advice on board and it worked. Thank you all who listened and gave me advice. I am so grateful..wooooohoooo...lol


hiya julie wooly, i felt same at same point, on;y advise i can give is slow down, drop yr pace down rather than stop, really slow better than stopping. i did and thought CHRIST but finished. Youve done so well...keep going.

anita from buxton derbyshire

p.s. i just done 3rd in week 5 today hard but did it slow...very slow.


Thanks Anita... Well done you.. On completing Wk5 run3


I actually did it..cannot stop smiling..lol..thanks again for all your advice it has all helped me ..NOW!!! to prepare for the Wk5 Run 3...I am approaching this with attitude if a don't succeed. Try! try! again..lol



did a20min run yest and was struggling at15mins , i just cleared my head of all thoughts and slowed down to a crawl just faster then walking , this helps me when everything goes concrete and your body keeps up , relax


thanks for your advice. Must admit this forum has helped me massively as I have worked through the wks.. And with all the advice I have read and been given...I finally done it..woooohoooo..lol

W5 Run 3..am coming to (try) you...lol..jules


Hi there, I completed this run for first time this morning but had opposite problem to you! My first run felt so difficult I almost stopped but didn't. Second 8 mins was great, still tough and I'm a slow jogger but I almost could have carried on a bit. I say almost!! It's true what others say, it's mind over matter as physically I feel ok but I'm now worried about run 3......I'll stop that though and let's enjoy where we are! Keep going, we can do this!


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