Pixie alert

It is my day off (worked through the weekend), and the weather is gorgeous. But it is a rest day, and I know I shouldn't skip those.

I read something about recovery runs on rest days (only for experienced runners who are in good running shape) and decided that since I can't run slower than I usually do without stopping, I would instead go for at recovery walk.

Deep inside I must have known that I was going to run... why else would I have changed into my running outfit?

Anyway - I'm back after a 2k walk followed by a 2k slow run and a 1k cool down walk, on a rest day. Sorry. The pixies made me do it.

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  • I am very familiar with those pixies :-).

  • Those little pixies.. they have a habit of getting right inside your head :) Sounds lovely!

  • Haha - just don't make a habit of it!

  • I felt like a feather in the breeze because the run was so short... could be dangerously addictive

  • Sounds good to me, plenty of stretching now :)

  • It was you Juicyju and Bazza1234 who inspired me, I mean, planted the run-on-rest-day-pixies in my head.

    Have had a good stretch and feel good! Tomorrow will show...

  • 30 minutes per day - 5 days per week - with an elevated HR from moderate exercise - that's what they say we all need!! :)

  • I'm thinking of listening to the pixies this week aswell. Just to see what's possible. But not 100% sure. Will post if I'm naughty.

  • Bad Pixies! ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Very, very bad pixies, indeed!

  • You've got the running-bug bad huh?? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I think it is a very bad case

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