Spoiler alert

For those about to embark on C25K but who would like to know how the process pans out in the real world, I thought I would provide this quick reference to the major phases that you go through along the way. Some of my fellow graduates may recognise some of this...

(Warning. May contain spoilers)

You're doing what?

That sounds like a good Idea.

What exactly is a podcast?

Well, I do have those trainers I bought in Wilkos in 2005....

I just walked out the door; can't turn back now

The whole world is watching me.....

I get it, it's only a light jog, phew.


Two more times this week? Seriously?

I need some decent footwear, but I'll run in an old T-shirt.....

Sportsdirect have (another) sale on..... Mmmm day-glo yellow....

And exactly what is wrong with a 50 year old bloke wearing hi-vis running tights?

For goodness sake Laura, are we nearly there yet?


Garmin, my precious.....gollum...gollum....


Why can't I run 5k in 30 minutes?

Must do PB....must do PB....

(Dreams) Park Run....Sponsored 5k.....half marathon....marathon.....OLYMPIC MEDAL FOR ***** SAKE!

Why can't I run 10k in 60 minutes?

Why isn't the whole world watching me?

Why don't you try this?

You can't run in those trainers you bought in Wilkos in 2005.

Me? Obsessed? No..... gollum....gollum...


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23 Replies

  • Yep, recognise all of that!

  • Brilliant summary of the journey... I certainly recognise a fair few of those!

    That's made my day! Thanks!

  • Hahahahah wonderful, truly wonderful :) Yep, recognise a good 90% of that :)

  • Lol, how true :)

  • He! He! That is so true...I could add procrastination....."it looks a bit wet out.......I've had a hard day at work...to .......Good it's raining let's go......I need a run after my day at work!!

  • fantastic summary :-)

  • :D

  • Hee hee nice one!!! Rings true ... :-)

  • Only 3/4 way through (not even thought about 10k yet, triathlon first) but resonate with it all. Great post.

  • Fab, thanks :-)

  • How true! Lovely thanks! :-D x

  • Love it!

  • Great post. Recognise such a lot of it!

    Has it really turned us all into monsters? :-)

  • Sounds familiar :)

  • Love it, I can certainly identify with a lot of those remarks. Great to see it all written down......newbies will know they are not alone in these feelings.

  • Fantastic I can also relate to soooooo many of those :)

  • LOL Great reference for newbies! We can relate and realize we are not alone :)

  • Excellent !

    Yesterday afternoon I seriously caught myself thinking "hope the rain starts soon so I can go for a run" seriously ?!

  • Brilliant, just brilliant and so very true.

    Has the new look forum got a "library" where gems like this can be kept so that they can be read and re-read as and when by both new and old members.

    Would be nice if it had. HINT! HINT!

  • That is great!!!

  • Wonderful. You made me smile after a rubbish day!

  • Brilliant!

  • Been there, done that! Nice one.

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