Oh, misswobble,Slowstart, Slow_Rob, davelinks, I do like it when you talk sternly to me!

Seriously, thanks folks. I am back, red faced as ever but chuffed. The run went ok. Felt that joyful surge in the first two mins of running. Then it got hard. After ten mins I felt like I had settled into a rhythm. That lasted about four mins. By the time, I got to the really hard bit at 20 mins, tho the Jacksons were singing "Can You Feel It?" Which made me smile as it brought back memories of doing the Jane Fonda workout tape years ago when I was teaching English in Singapore (and Ibdo mean. Tape. That's how long ago. Anyway, the run finished and ai walked home to Franki GTH telling me to "Relax". So now ism. With more tea. Here's to Week 9. Take care!


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19 Replies

  • Well done ☺ you know where we are if you need further "advise" 😊

  • See below. I am obviously now too exhausted to type in the right box. Actually, feel fine. Is just incompetence!

  • Indeed. You know you are in good company when you like people telling you to stop being a last a***!

  • Ha ha Sue , they were ready to come around to yours and rattle on your letterbox ! :-)

    Yep, a fantastic bunch of motivators on here , never fail to inspire !

    Well done ! Oooh its your biggie next week , the excitement is building ......

    Enjoy your cuppa tea , and you can go back on the sofa with your pooch and all put your feet up ! :-) xxxx

  • Thanks PoppyP! Yes, I definitely thought I had better follow orders. Aw, I love the folks on here. They just rock!

  • I did have a chuckle to myself reading your earlier post; I was thing Crikey I hope now she's not posting it means she has taken up the orders she was given; otherwise she's in big trouble!! X

  • Thanks, Slinky! I do know when I have been bested. Just as well! And, needless to say, they were all correct and now I am looking forward to week nine. And I never thought I would be writing that!

  • Good lass! Have a rest tomorrow and get ready to go again 😊

  • Yes, Ma'am! And thanks again!

  • Ahh at last I've found someone who actually listens and follows instructions. This never happens at home, virtually bullying obviously works!!

  • I know that feeling. Glad to have been on the end of it. Cheers!

  • Ha ha, they're brilliant, aren't they? No slacking when they're around. I remember the rollicking I got from misswobble in week 8 for going too fast, felt about 12 years old. But she was right!

  • Yes they are. That Misswobble is truly The Boss!

  • Well done suebguinea-pig. Bet you feel fab now you have been out. Why put off til tomorrow what you can do today. Every run is one step closer to graduation x

  • You are so right, and I knew it. And yet..... Still, having some bossy mates on this forum is truly a blessing! Can't believe am three runs away from Graduation. Ahhhh!

  • Had to check out the previous post. Ooh I know what I need to do now when I need some motivation! Well done!

  • Thanks. Yes, just get the gang after you!

  • Ha ha :) they know what they're talking about alright.

  • As sure as eggs is eggs!

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