Bakers Cyst

So, my knees been swollen for a while. No pain but a lot of crunching when I go up stairs. running helps ease the swelling and keeps me mobile. But.. my hips have now started to hurt. So much so I end up in a&e today as I can't manage the pain anymore. I'm Told I have Bakers Knee. There's no cure, it will be because of arthritis , give me tablets for pain management and tell me I should stop running.



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10 Replies

  • Don't know what to say...perhaps a second opinion as I know from reading posts on here that some docs are very dismissive of running injuries.I know it would cost but going to a specialist might be worth it. I would also ask if running on a treadmill could be an alternative.Good luck Sue118....I'll be thinking of you.

  • Thanks pot58 I will do that. Docs can be so dismissive of things that make out lives worth living

  • Sue, my hubby has a Bakers Cyst which is a fluid filled cyst behind the knee. This does not cause him pain, just inconvenience when bending the knee. Although he doesn't run any more (nothing to do with the cyst btw) he can do almost every other type of exercise.

    I agree with pot58 and get a second opinion. I'm not in any way a medical expert but I fail to see how a cyst would prevent you from running. So perhaps it's to do with your hips rather than your knee. Good luck and I'll keep everything crossed that you get some good news.

  • It's the refered pain and the body compensation for the knee that makes the hips hurt Irish princess. I will see someone else as I love running and was just getting to grips with it all.

  • Its not the same, but don't give up on your exercise if the worst does come to the worst - how about cycling - I love it more than running - it can become just as addictive - there's just as much gear to buy (!) - fabulous cycling communities. So much choice - road, or off road. Gets you to more places. You can take you bike on the train and go to even more places. Don't give up on exercise. Good luck.

  • I suppose so buffy thanks for that. I'm always scared of falling off my bike but your right it gets you out gets you fit and can be just as enjoyable. X

  • This is such bad luck Sue. However, before you hang up your running shoes for ever, why not give your local running club a ring and ask if they can recommend a really good physio. Go see him/her and see what their advice is. It may well be that, with the appropriate exercises and support, you can work around the knee problem and alleviate the hip pain. Often the staff at A&E are so pressed for time that they can't give you the fullest of advice. They deal with the acute problem and dispatch you into the care of your own GP. Very best of luck Sue :)

  • Thank you ancient mum I will do that. It's funny but 6 months ago I'd have never have thought I could be so distraught at the thought of not being able to run

  • Hello, I work in a hospital and would have to echo what Ancient Mum said. The A&E are the worst place to take advice from about your knee. They will give you an emergency response to acute injury. "stop doing X and take some painkillers."

    Do you have a GP who could refer you to a good sports medicine physio or somebody who would give you more helpful advice?

    Don't give up. The way I see it (and I have a dodgy knee) is that I can trade a healthy knee for a dodgy heart, heavier weight and predisposition to a host of chronic health problems, or I can try to exercise (jog). It really is difficult when the body is unwilling, but please try to get some more medical advice.

    By the way.. when I joined my running group, they told me that they had a gentleman join who had BYPASS SURGERY! His doctor recommended running. I would be too terrified, but he joined, he ran, lost weight and was doing well! Amazing!

  • That's good news Madeline I will definitely go to the doctors. Thank you xx

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