One more run to graduation and then I'll change my name

After the foul weather yesterday morning, I managed to get in an evening run and tried to avoid the wind, unsuccessfully. However, I managed 30 minutes and was bouncing at the end through the wonderful Olympic park, singing along to my music.

I really can not believe that this is me. I am not a runner, yet I am running and enjoying it.

If you are reading this thinking about starting DO IT! I would really recommend this programme to anyone of any fitness level as I was really unfit, fat and lazy. Now I am fitter than ever, still a little fat (you can't win them all) and full of energy.

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  • Well done and good luck with the graduation run.

    It is a great programme isn't it. I am continually amazed that I am running and more often than not enjoying it.

  • and your profile picture :-)

    let us know when you cross the line :-)

  • Yep! And the picture.

  • here is a suggestion :-)

  • I wish!

    More like this

  • I could not possibly comment :-)

  • Haha hysterical. Laughed so much overexcited the dogs!!

  • But look at those muscles!

  • You run therefore you are a runner 😊 Enjoy your graduation run you have done brilliantly 😊

  • "I am not a runner" is clearly false - you ARE a runner because, you know what, you ran! And you enjoyed it!

    Embrace the truth - you are infected with the running bug :-).

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