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W6 done! Got my mojo back!

What a day! Torrential rain this morning and so windy, dull and cold all day. I wasn't looking forward to running this evening, in fact I was talking myself out of it all day.

Left work declaring I wasn't going out but by the time I got home was indecisive again (story of my life). Decided to put my gear on and see how I felt, a trick I've used a few times to motivate myself and it hasn't failed yet

I thought I would be clever this time and only track the run, I set it up before I left home so I only had to press 'start' at the beginning. Off I went, listening to the lovely Laura, feeling apprehensive about my first 25 minute run but determined to complete it.

When Laura told me it was time to run I started my tracking app and off I went, running along to classical music. Strange music to run to I thought, maybe this is a new tact to help keep a slow, steady pace and to keep calm. I ran and ran hoping Laura was soon going to give me some words of encouragement and a time check, but no, she'd deserted me.

To cut a long story short, I had somehow paused Laura and was listening to the tracking app, which had picked up music on my phone that I had forgotten about. I switched Laura back on, change of music and tempo and carried on. I managed to peer at the tracker to watch my time and added a bit on at the end as I felt like I was cheating, not having followed Laura from the start.

I feel great, I ran for 30 minutes, I am so pleased with myself and to top it all off, not a single twinge in my foot. I love this running malarkey! I enjoyed the run, breathing was good, though my little legs were tired at the end. I only ran 3.74km, I say only, but if someone had told me a few weeks back I would be running over 2 miles I'd have been rolling on the floor laughing.

This forum and all your posts have been so valuable, to read of all your experiences, to receive advise and encouragement has helped me believe in myself, thank you all.

Bring on Week 7. 😀

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Yay! Great stuff Pushing60 - I knew you'd do it. As you say- bring on wk 7! :)

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Fantastic ! Well done 60 ! A few setbacks on your run , but you dug deep and carried on , brilliant !

Onwards, always ! xxx

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well done! Surprised by your weather though! We're having a lovely heatwave in North Scotland!

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Just love Scotland and have always had good weather when I've been. Another miserable day here, so cold!


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