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Back to it!!

For one reason or another, mainly holiday related as in didn't want to run too close to hols in case I fell and broke something, was intending to run on holiday but was enjoying the countryside walks too much, and then when I got back was too knackered for a few days to go running. So yesterday I went out nearly three weeks after embarking on week 7. I repeated W6R2 and it was pretty good, could still talk and even sing at some points (I should perhaps point out I wasn't on my own!). It was pretty hot though and I was on fire when I got back home, doesn't bode well for summer!

Anyway I am back to it now and it feels good, and I don't think I've lost too much fitness. I'll be back on track with week 7 soon 😀

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Well done for getting back into the swing of things! Obviously your fitness held up as you are two-thirds through the programme now, so it sounds as if you're good to go forward. Best of British!

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