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W2 run1

I did it! I honestly didn't think I could move on from week 1 but after all of the encouragement and support from this group I pushed myself and I did it! Feel fantastic! I've noticed the pain in my legs is not starting until that last little push so I'm making a difference already. I feel so full of energy and already so much better about myself and my body. Looking forward to my next run already !

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Well done.

The leg pain should be less of an issue with each run as the affected muscles strengthen.

You are doing great, just keep it slow and steady.


Well done, it is amazing how quickly you can feel changes and the improvements ☺

Take each run as it comes, stay calm and run slow and steady and you will fo just fine ☺


Fantastic - sounds like the runnig bug is starting to bite! Keep going🏃🏻!


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