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Feeling rubbish

Not been able to get out to do my regular run of Friday due to working overtime n really missing getting out there. Not going to get a chance till Monday if I can squeeze it in between work and studying and looking after my monster threenager. Knew this was coming but feeling really rubbish. If I were fitter would go out running with the buggy I tried that last week managed about 30 seconds before I had to stop pushing an extra 2+ stone is not fun.

Anyone have any experience with running with toddlers??

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I recently pushed my 30 month old son in his buggy on a Parkrun and it was great.

That said I think I'm really lucky to have a mountain buggy urban jungle as they are great for running and quite light.

I was speaking to a friend today and her buggy is so heavy it put 8 minutes on her time when she took it to her Parkrun.

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When my children were younger they had a Puky learner bike and loved to come with my husband who ran back then. Of course you have to run in a safe place and adjust your speed to theirs, but I think it's more manageable than pushing a buggy...


Running with toddlers is hard... and that's why lockable cupboards were invented. 😆

Jokes aside, can't your teenager babysit his/her sibling? After all, it's just for half an hour or so.


I have no teenager sadly, I'm just not old enough for that (unless I was a really naughty 15 year old lol) but I do now have a treadmill. Not as good as getting out there n running out side but I will give it ago n see if I can put a dvd on for the monster whilst I try squeezing in a little running time at home.

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Sorry, I'd never heard the term "threenager" and I thought it was a typo.

It's the lockable closet, then... 😝


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