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Starting Again

Hello Everyone!

I got to W3 a month ago but hurt my knees and had to stop for a while. I've also been in the middle of finals and so had very limited time!

I finished my last exam (and whole degree!) yesterday, and went for a run today. I couldn't decide whether to go back to W1 or W2. I was pleasantly surprised when managed to get through W2R1 without needing to stop, although I was struggling slightly by the end!

Would it be better to do the whole of W2 again before going back up to W3, or can I move on more quickly. I'm unsure what the wise thing to do would be!

Thanks in advance for your help, it's good to be back!

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You sound young so you could probably move on to the first run of week 3. I'm sure you're glad your exams are over. Good luck for the results!


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