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YES that's a third of the program completed


Hi all,just resting with a cup of after completing run 3 of week3 the knees haIve held up better than on Tuesdays run, although I have to admit I wanted to stop during the second three minutes run. No running for me now until Sunday as I have other commitments on Saturday. My other half bless him is taking me out for dinner this evening,going for a carvery so I can eat veggies to my heart's content. Good luck to all who are running this weekend and to those who are thinking about it DON'T just do it, yes it's hard but the satisfaction of doing it is exhilarating. Don't let anyone with a y negative comments put you off. BELIEVE!!! Bye for now.

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I have one run on Saturday and then I'm a third of the way too

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Well done keep moving on


well done, I'm one run behind you finish week 3 tomorrow. Just found this forum and love the words of encouragement and support - which I need to keep me going - family think I'm mad to do this at my age - but I am determined to prove them wrong !😁

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I to have people who are doubting my sanity, being my age my neighbours think I have lost the plot completely. Do I care, not a jot this is for ME and as long as my husband and family continue to support and believe in me they can think what they like. So,keep going nice and steady but most of all when you've finished pat yourself on the back and stick your chest out with pride and enjoy basking in your own achievements. Good luck


Fantastic Nanna !

Well done , and I hope youre getting stuck into that carvery as we " speak "

Oh I do love a nice carvery, Drool, Slurp ! :-)

Youre doing great, keep going ! :-) xxx

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Congratulations! Great positive attitude, I am sure you will complete the program with flying colours x

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