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Hi all,

So I haven't posted for a while because I haven't been out for a run for a while. After my week of increased cadence and long hilly running my legs decided that it wasn't for them.

They successfully organised a picket line (about half way up my legs) and dealt quickly and effectively with anything crossing that line (running, kneeling, squats, walking down stairs, sitting on my heels etc.).

We came together earlier this week and discussed each others needs - mine to run regularly, theirs to be stretched regularly and to only be expected to do gradual increases. It was a good meeting, we both aired our views and came to a satisfactory arrangement. I gave them some extra holiday time (this week) and they are agreed to resume regular 5Ks starting next week.

So, not exactly on the IC but certainly in the old-man's rocking chair with recliner and foot pad.

I look forward to posting my first 5K next week :-).


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22 Replies

  • All the best. I had a week on the IC with suspected shin splints, but short test run on Tuesday was all good, and another try at lunch today. All part of the journey I guess :-).

  • Sorry I missed you previous post pinklady! Glad you are hopefully recovered.. take it steady today, and looking forward to your post-run post! !

  • Ah thank you - I've been (intermittently) doing some exercises that are supposedly good for recovery and prevention, and hoping for the best. It was soooo painful!

    Will let you know how I get on after lunch :-).

  • Post-run report......16 minutes of hell! Phone was playing up so had to stop twice to sort music out, hair grip flew out so sweaty hair flying in my face, couldn't control my breathing, too hot, no stamina and generally hated every moment! Could a week on the IC really leave me feeling so unfit and unable?

    I think I started off too fast (overall pace was faster than usual even after the music stops) so could explain it, but I feel like I'm back on week 5 :-(.

    On the plus side - shin was OK :-).

  • Ugh - that sounds very frustrating.

    I don't think fitness drops that quickly, but those awful rose-coloured glasses do make the effort and pain of previous runs disappear so our expectation is that the next run should be much smoother, easier and painless than it actually is.

  • Thanks - I think my mindset was basically wrong (i.e. I thought/expected it to be tough, so it was!).

    Am going to (try) to consign it to history and move on at the weekend. Watch this space.......

  • Sounds like too fast, too soon... but hindsight is truly wonderful, isn't it?

    Rest up and then next run, slow, steady, enjoy the flow and think, snail after a bout of flu :)

    Go you anyway :)

  • LOL

  • Great post...! Horrid for you though!

    You are clearly, doing what is necessary for recovery.I thought it was only me who thought bits of my body were separate entities... ! :)

    Feel stronger soon, legs!


    You don't feel that the weight of you countless gadgets could have anything to do with this Strike Action?

    Only joshing...put that Heart-rate Monitor down!!! x

  • The horror! :-)

  • Yay Yatesy ! I wondered where you had got to !

    Brilliant post, loved it , and am so pleased that both sides reached an amicable agreement .

    Ha ha , Get you sat in the rocking chair with your slippers on !

    I think its a very sensible decision you have made there , and those funny feet running thingies will be waiting for you by the door , when youre ready ! :-) xxx

  • To be frank, judging by the smell, the vibrams have enough life in them to run by themselves! I knew they were prone to getting stinky but phewey! They are in the utility/dog's room and I have never seen the dogs so keen to get out of their beds in the morning :-).

  • ha ha , oh heck, they must be bad if even the dogs cant bear to be in the same room ! :-) xxx

  • Love this post. Good luck for your next run.

  • 😁

    Don't tell the legs in case they get any more ideas above their station, but, you did the right thing listening to them. You may have felt they were holding you hostage more than it being 'choice' but you could have fought, overcome and punished them but I reckon this has built a better long-term respectful relationship :)

    I hope it helps the 'have to do it' gremlins too. Bet you haven't ballooned in weight and I bet the legs will feel 'as good as' when you go back out.

    Good luck :)

  • Your body dictates the pace doesn't it. In our head we can do it, before our legs are ready, but body knows best and refuses

    You'll get to where you want to be by taking it steady but running regularly. I'd try and vary the distances as your legs do get used to running the same one, and will go to sleep. Mixing it up using C25k+ podcasts is a great way to move to the next level. When your legs feel better that is

  • It seems a reasonable arrangement for both parties. :)

    Maybe I should hire you as a negotiator for my meetings with the human resources... :D

  • You have no idea how many of my ex-colleagues and team-mates just felt a shudder when you said that :-).

    This has to be the first time (and probably the last) that somebody suggests I get involved with more humans. (Getting involved with less - that gets suggested all the time, typically by those ex-colleagues and team-mates I mentioned) :-)

  • Ha ha. I cut the front hedge on Tuesday, which put me completely out of action yesterday. Never mind running, I couldn't move! Lovely 5k this morning though, once I stopped procrastinating and kicked myself out the door :) Bodies know what they want most of the time, and it's just up to us to listen to them.

  • Thanks for the laugh this morning. Good stuff!

  • Love that post and delighted to hear about your successful negotiations! The only thing I would like to bring to the table, is perhaps a phased return to 5k initially? Just so that you can assess your legs commitmtment to the new working terms as stated above.🙂🙂 In other words...take it easy!!! Good luck🙂

  • Oh yatesy, those legs of yours are not to be messed with. Perhaps they're fed up with the stench of your weirdy footwear? Hope they're willing to get back running soon. I had to have 2 weeks off just after grad with knee trouble but I spent the time doing stretches for runner's knee and being bad tempered. Then I followed online advice and went back with just a 10 min run, building back up. It went fine. I still do the stretches but not every day now and the trouble hasn't come back.

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